Audi celebrates 50 years of ‘Vorsprung Dutch Technik’


Audi is now celebrating 50 years of its famed “Vorsprung durch Technik” slogan, which loosely translates to "leading by technology."

The famous catchphrase was coined in 1970 by Hans Bauer, an employee in the Audi NSI advertising department, who was tasked to communicate the brand’s technological diversity. The company had a range of models “from the air-cooled engines of the rear-wheel drive NSU Prinz series and the water-cooled four-cylinder engines of the front-wheel drive Audi 60 and Audi 100 to the rotary engine of the futuristic-looking NSU Ro 80.”

In January of 1971, the slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” made its first appearance in a large-sized ad which was soon printed in Audi NSU brochures. The slogan then had various iterations and was adapted in many ways like “Audi. A nice bit of technology.” or “Audi. Relaxed driving with perfect technology,” but the company soon returned to the catchy original.


Audi says that they will be holding a special exhibit in December, titled “Living Progress – 50 Years of Vorsprung durch Technik,” where the brand will showcase its passion for technology throughout the years.


“It has always been our prerogative not to be driven by change but to be drivers of change. In the age of new mobility, we don’t just see advancement as the highest art of engineering, state-of-the-art design, and a digital experience. We also think outside the car. In the future, it will be more about comprehensive mobility solutions, which include the matter of infrastructure. With the pilot of the Audi charging hub, we have developed a flexible quick-charging concept for future peak demands that can be used at various locations,” said Audi AG Board Member for Technical Development, Oliver Hoffmann.

“Audi will not rest on the technological advancement of the past years. Audi is the most progressive premium brand because we always view the future as an opportunity and shape it actively. ‘Vorsprung’ is a state of mind,” added Hoffmann.

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