Audi shows off Q4 Sportback e-tron concept—production version in the works

When the Audi Q4 e-tron concept debuted at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2019, attendees got treated to a taste of the first compact electric SUV from Audi. The cool, sleek, fully electric mid-size crossover won the hearts of many with its striking design and innovative technology. 

With the recent unveiling of the Q4 Sportback e-tron, the German brand now presents the second model of the product line that all set to be produced as an SUV Coupé next year

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron

These two cars also share the same drive technology: twin electric motors propel both Q4 and Q4 Sportback to 300 hp, with a quattro all-wheel drive providing cornering grip and all-season traction. Likewise, both versions of the Q4 can go from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 6.3 seconds, reaching a top speed of 180 km/h. 

Both vehicles cover a range of over 450 kilometers, but versions with rear-wheel drive will offer a range of over 500 kilometers on single charge. 

That said, they each have distinguishing characteristics that separate them from one another.


The silhouette of the two vehicles contain most of the differences, as the Sportback's roofline slopes downward in a subtle curve, meeting the D-pillars and stops in a horizontal spoiler at the very edge. As a result, the future Audi Q4 Sportback appears much longer than the Q4 e-tron concept.

Meanwhile, the surfaces of the vehicle are covered with a high-quality multi-layer paint finish. 

Both vehicles share the same front fascia design: a structured closed surface within a broad, almost upright octagonal frame in place of a traditional radiator grille which can be seen in most Audi vehicles. Both cars also come fitted with large, 22-inch wheels that give the vehicles a sporty and aggressive look. 

Audi e-tron


Those who enter the cabin are greeted with a surprisingly spacious driver and passenger area. Light, warm colors dominate the upper section of the cabin, while dark carpeting in the floor section provides a nice, stark, contrast.

Attesting to Audi's eco-friendly promise, the floor covering is made of recycled materials, and in lieu of chrome-plated metal decor frames. 

Both vehicles have four seats wrapped in Alcantara material, adorned with double stitched seams, and integrated head restraints. 

The centerpiece of the whole dashboard is a 12.3-inch touchscreen, which controls both the infotainment system and many other vehicle functions.

Audi e-tron


The electric motor in the rear end of each vehicle has an output of 200 hp and 310 Nm of torque, while the front motor supplies the front wheels with up to 100 hp and 150 Nm. All in all, both vehicles deliver a combined 300 hp.

As mentioned, a production version of both vehicles will be launched next year, with the Sportback set to be the seventh model in Audi's electric lineup

We'll be sure to let you know if any of these models make their way to our shores in the future. 

Photos from Audi

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