Audi to roll out more charging hubs in Europe


Audi announces its plan to establish additional charging hubs in Europe after the success of the initial pilot phase of the German automotive brand’s electric vehicle charging initiative. According to the Four Ring brand, this urban charging concept was designed to be an alternative to the home Wallbox.


  • How many charges did Audi get in the Nuremberg facility between January and April?

    According to Audi, the facility recorded some 3,100 charges.
  • Where will Audi put up new charging hubs in the future?

    Per the Four Ring brand, the company will establish charging hubs in Zurich, Salzburg, and Berlin.
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    Data gathered by the automotive firm reveals that between January and the end of April 2022, Audi registered some 3,100 charges at the Nuremberg charging hub, of which, some 60 percent of the sessions hub were from repeat customers.

    The Nuremberg site is the world’s first quick-charging station with six reservable high-power charging points and houses a 200-square-meter barrier-free lounge that boasts a 40-square-meter terrace above the charging cubes.

    The site recorded an average of 24 charges at about 800kWh per day and was visited by an average of 35 customers daily.

    The comfortable charging and lounge experience, reservable per app, and with an attractive catering offering, has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. Customers expressed overall appreciation of the roofed Audi charging hub that features a convenient swivel-arm charger, a lounge, and a concierge.

    Frequent use was also made of additional services such as the exchange station for micromobility batteries and a grocery delivery service.


    “The numbers and positive customer feedback demonstrate that our concept of offering flexible, premium quick-charging infrastructure in urban spaces was spot on,” said Audi Charging Hub Project Manager Ralph Hollmig.

    The pilot facility uses recycled lithium-ion batteries, known as second-life batteries, that were taken from dismantled test vehicles.

    Starting in the second half of the year, a second compact Audi charging hub pilot site will open in downtown Zurich, followed by sites in Salzburg and Berlin. Additional sites are slated to open in Germany in 2023 and mid-2024.

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