Audi upgrades Digital Matrix LED headlight system


Audi announces that it has updated its Digital Matrix LED headlight system and has added three new functions that enhance safety and improve customer experience.


  • What are the three new features added to Audi's Digital Matrix LED headlights?

    The three new features are the orientation light on country roads, lane light with direction indicator lights, and advanced traffic information.
  • What model features these three new functions?

    These new features can be found on the Audi A8 series.
  • “Lighting technology and lighting design have been success factors for our brand for decades, becoming a key area for Audi. This has allowed us to continue setting new benchmarks in the automotive industry. The digitization of lighting enables us to offer completely new functions that we can use to increase safety again significantly. For example, by combining the digital OLEO taillights with proximity indication, we can communicate with the outside world depending on the situation. In addition, this taillight technology enables our customers to select their taillight signature via the MMI for the first time — something that is only available from Audi,” said Audi Technical Development Board Member Oliver Hoffmann.

    The first two updates are the orientation light on country roads and the lane light with direction indicator lights.

    The former indicates the car's exact position in the lane when driving on country roads. Per Audi, the integrated position marking from the orientation light predictively indicates the Audi vehicle's position between the lane markers, encouraging safe driving in the center of the lane while in rural areas.


    Meanwhile, the latter causes the Digital Matrix LED headlights to create a dynamic blinking area on the appropriate side of the lane light. According to Audi, this reiterates and intensifies the signal from the direction indicator lights on the road in front and that additional, clear information about the upcoming lane change goes out to traffic in the immediate vicinity.


    The third new function is what Audi calls advanced traffic information. This feature allows the Digital Matrix LED headlights to project a warning indicator on the road in front of the car for about three seconds.


    The abovementioned features are part of Audi’s strides in light digitization. The three new functionalities added to the brand’s Digital Matrix LED headlights — along with the digital OLED rear lights — are featured in the Audi A8 series.

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