Audi presents carbon-neutral manufacturing, vehicle life cycle plans


On the “Sustainability” theme day at Audi Media Days prior to the International Motor Show Germany, the company presented its vision of a climate-neutral factory. It also explained how sustainability will be implemented in the vehicle's manufacturing process and life cycle.   

Audi wants to be a net-zero carbon emissions company by 2050, and to achieve that, the German automaker aims for carbon neutral production at all sites by 2025. The company claimed to have achieved this at Audi Hungaria and Audi Brussels so far. 

The supply chain has switched to renewable energy, where high-voltage car battery cells have been produced with green electricity. These battery cells are found in the e-tron. 


The Aluminum Closed Loop is another sustainable process in the supply chain In the Loop, as Audi returns the aluminum scraps from the press plant to a supplier for processing, and then gets it back in the form of newly processed aluminum coils. This means that less primary aluminum is necessary and less carbon is emitted.

Meanwhile, recycled materials are used in cars such as the Q4 e-tron. Some 27 components of the car use the material, including parts like the assembly carrier, cooling components, headlights, and the bumper casing. Recycled PET bottles, old textiles, and residual fibers have also found their way in Audi vehicle interiors. 

Audi e-tron GT interiors

To use water consciously and sparingly, Audi is looking at efficient processes, closed water loops, and the reuse of rainwater. 

Audi México has been wastewater-free since 2018. At the Neckarsulm site, a closed water cycle is being set up, where roughly half of the wastewater generated can be fed into a circuit, treated, and processed for reuse.

The company also wants to push its green initiative even after its EVs have left the factory. Audi said it is cooperating with energy providers in developing charging stations that will use power from solar charging, or wind turbines. 

Photos from Audi

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