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Best 7-Seater Cars in the Philippines 2016

Celebrating Christmas early is a uniquely Filipino thing, whether you’re in the Philippines or not. It is a known fact that the arrival of the ‘ber’ months means the start of our holiday season. The chill in the air during the night, the sudden influx of vendors selling Christmas lanterns or ‘parols’, and even the canorousness of yuletide songs we hear everywhere (more often than not they blast off funky remixes of classic Christmas songs with the mainstream ones) remind us that yes, it’s Christmas time already – even if it’s more or less 3 months away. If that’s not enough, we Filipinos are guilty of the most obvious crime of all: pre-maturely putting Christmas ornaments on every surface possible. This festive period also means another thing: vacation time. Days off mean more time to spend with families and friends. With this stuff only happening annually, we often make the most of it by going all out.

While some choose to stay in the comfort of their own homes, some opt to travel with their families to their vacation houses or their extended families’, which more often than not are located away from the urban metropolis. With this, we’re expected to drag our families across hundreds of kilometers with the added hassle of lugging around a lot of baggage too. As such, bigger families tend to lean on seven-seater cars as they are spacious and reliable.

Whether you’re planning to replace your current 7-seater car or on the lookout for a new 7-seater vehicle now that the vacation days are fast approaching, Carmudi has put together a list of the best 7-seater cars 2016 in the Philippines that look and perform at top of their class.

2016 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Silver Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Families are looking for top 7-seater cars that can offer them practicality and comfort. And the 2016 Mitsubishi Montero Sport has both. The cabin looks classy – black leather and cloth upholstery trims and silver and wood accents pop an elegant vibe. Aside from cozy seats, you (especially your kids) will never have to dread long journeys with its wide range of entertainment features such as a 6.75-inch display and a set of audio players. But other than its practicality, its safety features are definitely not something to gloss over. Aside from safety technologies, its body structure alone is engineered to keep you safe.

The new Mitsubishi Montero Sport 7 seater is a head-turner – the jaw-dropping and envy-inducing head-turning type. It blends smooth performance, safety, and style all in one package. If you want to safely arrive in style at those family gatherings over the holidays, then consider getting this.

2016 Toyota Innova

Silver Toyota Innova front view

Since its debut in 2005, the Toyota Innova has proven its worth on the Philippine road and in the hearts of Filipinos by being the best-selling MPV in the market.

Updates for Toyota Innova 2016 include its key-less entry and push start button that may come in handy when you have your hands full. Everyone in the family can comfortably fit inside – yes, even the taller ones can now appreciate the luxury of not having to bend their heads down or just being downright uncomfortable the whole ride with its now larger headroom. The additional airbags also ensure a safer ride. For daily use or for long road trips, the Toyota Innova 7-seater is a good option for families and barkadas alike.

2016 Isuzu MU-X

Silver Isuzu mu-X side view

The new Isuzu MU-X 2016 boasts a fuel-efficient performance, but the comfort of the interior is the cherry on top. Boredom during long journeys is common, but add those hyper kids at the back into the equation and you have a recipe for a big headache. If you don’t want to suffer under the cacophony of sounds, just pop out the 10-inch DVD monitor. Its size makes it easier for people to watch, thus will keep passengers entertained and those young’uns still. If it helps, all seats are leather and comfy, too, which may be useful and less hassle for those unexpected spills.

2016 Ford Explorer

White Ford Explorer

Seeing Ford Explorer 2016 from the outside, you can tell that the exterior size does not deceive. Aside from its 7-seater capacity, the third row seats inside the cabin are also foldable, which is useful when you find yourself needing more storage space for buying Christmas decorations, fireworks for New Year’s eve, or camping gear for your outing on a whim. Feature-wise, the Ford Explorer will definitely not disappoint, as it will cater to your specific needs. If you find yourself wishing you have three or more hands, the Explorer’s standard hands-free liftgate will come in handy. With just a kick under the rear bumper, you can open the liftgate when you have your hands full. If the whole family needs to make a quick getaway from nosy relatives or if the whole squad is just itching to get inside, the remote key-less entry shall help make your entrance faster. When unexpected spills occur, you’ll thank your lucky stars that the Ford engineers gave the Explorer leather seats. From friends to family, this 7- seater SUV is perfect for your adventures.

2016 Kia Carens

Silver Kia Carens side view

Aside from standard entertainment features, one of the strong points of the Kia Carens is the seating configurations it offers. We know. We love that feature, too. It is very useful now that holidays are coming. From duffle bag small to balik-bayan box big, the versatility of the seating configurations will gladly take up the challenge.

But more than its comfortable and convenient interior, you’ll come to appreciate its look. The new Kia Carens 2016 sports a chic look that’s unlikely to be seen on other MPVs. We usually see MPVs as quite manly-looking in general, but the Kia Carens 7 seater leans more on the feminine side, with sleek lines and curves with the added vibe of modern look.

2016 Ford Everest

Red Ford Everest

The all-new Ford Everest is ready to provide you reasons why you’ll enjoy having it for a companion in your adventure. Day or night, you and your passengers will come across breathtaking places along your journey and might find yourselves wanting to stop and look at the view. This is where Everest’s power panoramic moon roof comes in; it makes viewing the great outdoors from inside the vehicle possible. For your convenience, the third row seats fold for more storage space and the power liftgate opens easily – both of these in just a push of their buttons. And since it is still a rainy season in the PH and we all know how easily it floods, you will appreciate Everest’s 800mm water-wading capability and 225mm ground clearance. Further maximized by its Terrain Management System which lets you switch easily from all available terrain modes, the Ford Everest makes for a decent on and off-road ride that’s ready to tackle anything.

2016 Honda Mobilio

White Honda Mobilio

Some may not like the look of the Mobilio, but as the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. The new Honda Mobilio 2016 compensates with its overall ride and handling equilibrium. This vehicle can dish out adequate power with a good fuel efficiency with its 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine. Add its ample interior room and features, and you have a car that’s all about balance. This is a top 7-seater MPV to consider.

2016 Honda Odyssey

Navy blue Honda Odyssey

Just one look at this beauty will make you say wow. Aesthetic-wise, the Honda Odyssey 2016 takes the cake, with its sleek, beautiful, and elegant features. But more than that, the interior also looks and feels luxurious. It’s packed with several features, like its cutting-edge safety and entertainment systems, but one worth mentioning – especially because we Filipinos tend to have extended families – is the way it’s built. For an easy boarding, this affordable 7-seater car low platform height will be perfect for the elderly and the kids.

2016 Suzuki Ertiga

Blue Suzuki Ertiga

The Suzuki Ertiga 2016 has the best features of a comfortable and convenient ride all rolled into one top 7-seater car. Engineers of the Ertiga understand that sometimes, using the car key may take time. You’ll be glad to know that they gave the Ertiga a hassle-free solution: a keyless push start system. Aside from a spacious interior that can comfortably seat your family, this 7-seater MPV also offers a 50:50 split folding for a cargo capability to suit your holiday needs. The seats are all leather, too, which is less hassle when you have kids. Unexpected spills and other food fiascos are easier to fix with leather, after all.

2016 Chevrolet Captiva

White Chevrolet Captiva

The Chevrolet Captiva 2016 opts for being an athletic, handsome hunk on the road with its bold designs. Interior-wise, it’s packed with entertainment features like an integrated music player, and the seats feel comfortable, too. You’ll come to appreciate them especially on a long ride. As with others, the cargo capability is decent due to the foldable seats it has, but you’ll definitely appreciate its smooth ride most of all. The Captiva doesn’t fall behind in being eco-friendly either, as it has an ECO Drive feature, a powerful and fuel efficient engine, as well as its LED tail lights that save energy.

If you choose your 7-seater car 2016 in the Philippines from our list above, we guarantee you will have many happy journeys ahead.

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