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Best Cover Fabrics for Your Vehicles

They may look simple to look at, but car covers can really help protect your car from the scratches, natural and man-made dangers (like stone debris, sharp flying objects, car collisions), thieves, and harsh, damaging weather.

There are many types of car fabric materials today. These include the following:

Plastic Covers


  • As mentioned in the heading, these covers are made from plastic. This makes them extremely waterproof and also lightweight (depending on how they’re made).


  • They prevent moisture from escaping out, which can get trapped and damage your car paint.

Breathable Covers


  • Unlike plastics, breathable covers are made from intricately woven materials like polyester fabric and acrylic microfiber that allow air circulation to flow between the cover and the vehicle’s surface. This prevents condensation from happening while protecting your car effectively.
  • Breathable covers are also water-repellent and UV-resistant.
  • Some can mimic the texture and smoothness of cotton, while providing good sun and waterproof protection


  • A lot of the breathable ones are lightweight, and can easily be blown away by strong winds. It’s good to choose those that are heavier, or can fit tightly around your vehicle’s body.
  • Here’s another thing you should keep in mind: not all are waterproof. Best to ask the manufacturer before purchasing it.

Polyester or Cotton Car Covers


  • These covers are made from either polyester or cotton–or a blend of both. They’re highly-breathable, which helps prevent moisture from getting trapped on the car’s surface.


  • Not all are gently on the car’s surface. In fact, they have the tendency to scratch your car’s paint–particularly polyester.
  • Many are not also water-resistant, so it’s best to buy those that are treated with water-resistant materials, such as formulated polymers that bond the woven threads. They create a tight seal that makes them impenetrable to water.

Things to remember

Make sure to check your car cover’s lining. Many people tend to forget this when shopping for car covers, only to regret them later when their car paint gets damaged. The best ones to look for should be made from woven nylon, fleece, soft microfiber, or polypropylene fabrics.

Not all fabrics are of equal value. Some are better than others, depending on the following factors:

The location you park your car

  • If you use your car daily, opt for the lightweight ones so they can easily be removed.
  • 100% Cotton covers are only intended for indoor use.
  • Do you park your car in a crowded place for a long time? Choose those that are thicker and heavier and weight. This will add better protection for a long period of time.

The weather in your area

  • Choose those made from dyed acrylic material (such as Sunbrella) when you live in an excessively sunny location
  • Choose those made from densely-woven microfibers if you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain.
  • Choose custom-fit covers that fit tightly on the car’s entire body if you live in a dusty place. This prevents dirt from lodging in some parts of your vehicle.

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