5 Best Diesel SUVs in the Philippines 2017

After years of staying in the shadow of their gasoline-powered counterparts, diesel SUVs are starting to make their presence felt once again. With the constantly fluctuating cost of fuel, many car buyers are prioritizing fuel economy over other considerations and this has help the case for diesel SUVs a lot. While the variety of options still can’t compare to gas performance-wise, we now have solid diesel SUV entries in practically every segment, especially if you have a decent budget. Even so, there are still enticing options at lower price tags that still return impressive fuel economy. With that, Carmudi presents to you the best diesel SUVs in the Philippines for 2017.

BMW X5 XDrive30d (starts from ₱ 6,590,000)

BMW X5 XDrive30d

The diesel version of the well-known BMW SUV, the X5 XDrive30d, is unapologetically high end. A considerable improvement in fuel economy is seen in the latest model, and surprisingly, the X5 manages to retain its handling prowess despite the fact. While the vehicle isn’t a superb off-road performer, the SUV more than makes up for it with its on-road capabilities.

Engine Type3.0L in-line 6-cylinder
Displacement      cc2,993
Max Power hp/rpm 450 / 4000
Max Torque Nm/rpm650 Nm/ 2000
Fuel Economy (km/l)16.1

Hyundai Tucson (starts from ₱ 1,203,000)

Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson may not have the ruggedness that SUVs are known for, but what it lacks in toughness, it makes up for in fuel economy and design. As one of the most fuel economic diesel SUVs around, owners will come for the sleek styling, and stay for the luxurious and spacious interior.

Engine TypeR 2.0 CRDi e-VGT
Displacement (cc)1,995
Max Power (hp/rpm)185 /4000
Max Torque (Nm/rpm)402 /2750
Fuel Economy (km/l)24.8

The Tucson also features on our Best Diesel Cars list.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport (starts from ₱ 2,453,000)

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is a strong contender for the Best Diesel SUV in the Philippines title. The combination of luxury interior and mammoth off-road capabilities easily makes the Range Rover Sport one of the best in its price range (P13,500,000, more or less). And with the dismal reputation of its gas-guzzling cousin the Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport’s fuel economy is nothing short of amazing.

Engine TypeSDV6 Command Shift
Displacement (cc)2,993
Max Power (hp/rpm)306/ 4000
Max Torque (Nm/rpm)700/ 1,750
Fuel Economy (km/l)14.3

Mitsubishi Montero Sport (starts from ₱ 1,555,000)

Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Beloved by critics and owners alike, the new model Montero Sport is a clear front-runner in the midsize SUV category. The vehicle impresses with its smart design and engineering while keeping things affordable. And fuel economy is no slouch, either.

Engine TypeDOHC Clean Diesel engine with VGT and MIVEC
Displacement (cc)2,442
Max Power (hp/rpm)181/ 3500
Max Torque (Nm/rpm)430/ 2500
Fuel Economy (km/l)18.5

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (starts from ₱ 4,507,000)

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

If it’s off-road you want, you’d be hard-pressed to find an SUV as synonymous with the term as the Land Cruiser. As Toyota’s flagship SUV has grown in every aspect—from size, to price, and features—it’s amazing how the big utility vehicle has managed to retain its penchant for cruising over rough terrain. Credit the independent front and coil-long solid axle rear suspension for the utmost comfort.

Engine TypeDirect Injection Twin Turbo-Intercooler V8
Displacement (cc)4,461
Max Power (hp/rpm)232/ 3200
Max Torque (Nm/rpm)615/ 2200
Fuel Economy (km/l)10.5


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