BMW's Theater Screen to give motorists cinematic experience on-the-go


Taking in-car entertainment to a whole new level, BMW presents its latest innovation: the BMW Theater Screen. This somewhat portable cinema puts a 31-inch, ultra-wide, panoramic display with a resolution of up to 8K and smart TV functions at the rear of a BMW.


  • What is the BMW Theater Screen?

    The BMW Theater Screen is a 31-inch screen that extends out of the headliner allowing rear passengers to enjoy an immersive in-car entertainment experience.
  • Where did BMW present the Theater Screen?

    It was presented at CES 2022, where the company also showcased its color-changing concept car.
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    “We develop immersive, digital experiences for sheer driving pleasure. In Theatre Mode, the rear of the interior is transformed into a private cinema lounge. With the 31 inch display, 5G connectivity, 8K resolution, surround sound, and individual streaming program, an unprecedented experience is created that sets new standards for in-car entertainment,” says BMW AG Development Member of the Board of Management, Frank Weber.

    The large screen extends out of the headliner by operating two articulated rails at the sides. It can then be controlled by touch operation or using touchpads integrated into the rear doors.

    A special sound experience issues as soon as the BMW Theater Screen rolls out of the headliner and ends at the precise moment when the screen reaches its final position. At the same time, the roller sunblinds for the side windows and the rear window are closed and the ambient lighting in the rear of the vehicle is dimmed.

    The sound was created in cooperation between the BMW Group and the renowned film music composer and Academy Award winner, Hans Zimmer.


    The BMW Theater Screen was presented at CES 2022 where BMW also showcased its color-changing concept car.

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