Brembo expands aftermarket lineup with Dual Cast and Lightweight brakes


Brembo adds yet two new products that further expand the aftermarket lineup of the Italian automotive brake brand. According to the Bergamo-based company, the two new two-piece disc brakes are called Dual Cast and Lightweight and will join the existing Floating, Composite and Co-cast products.


  • What are Brembo's two new disc brake products?

    They are the Dual Cast and Lightweight brakes.
  • When will these brakes be available?

    The Dual Cast and Lightweight brakes are already available through retailers and auto service shops or at
  • brembo-dual-cast-and-lightweight-brakes

    Furthermore, both of the new disc brakes feature “the unique technical characteristics of Brembo’s two-piece portfolio such as the use of a special cast iron process, lighter-weight hats, pillar or directional venting, plus holes and/or grooves on the braking surface.” The high-performance parts manufacturer adds that the abovementioned design solutions guarantee optimum braking performance in all conditions and allow more precise and stable vehicle dynamics, a better pedal feel, and a lighter braking system.


    Brembo said that the new Dual Cast disc brakes are made with 16 unique part numbers, allowing the new brake solution to work with the sportier models of some of the industry’s most important car brands.

    The Dual Cast brake features a patented design with an aluminum hat positioned alongside the cast-iron braking surface. As a result, the Dual Cast disc brake is 30 percent lighter and is 70 percent stronger compared to an integral brake of the same size.

    What this means to owners is a significant reduction in the vehicle’s fuel consumption and emissions as well as fewer residual torque and reduced unnecessary vibrations.


    Meanwhile, the Lightweight disc brakes use a design that combines a steel hat with a high-carbon, cast-iron braking surface. What this does is that it maximizes pad-to-disc contact which improves driver control.

    And as expected with a braking solution named “Lightweight,” this disc brake is 15 percent lighter compared to its integral counterpart which also improves the vehicle’s fuel consumption, lowers its emissions, and contributes to better overall handling.

    The Lightweight disc brake offers 17, first-to-market applications (only available in the European market) for the most exclusive Jaguar Land Rover models, including its latest generation of Land Rovers.

    Brembo engineered the new lightweight solutions to help reduce the unsprung mass of the vehicle by reducing the weight on each corner.

    Like all the exclusive designs in the Brembo’s two-piece disc family, the Dual Cast and Lightweight disc brakes are made in the same factory, on the same assembly line, and is subjected to the same rigorous specifications, and quality controls that Brembo applies to its products.

    The Dual Cast and Lightweight disc brakes are now available through retailers and auto service shops or at

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