Changan Alsvin sedan proves fuel efficiency in recent AAP test

Changan Alsvin

Changan Motor Philippines, Inc. (CMPI) has showcased the capability of the Alsvin subcompact sedan on covering more roads with minimum fuel consumption during a test recently conducted by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP).

Based on the fuel economy run conducted last July 20- 22, the mid-variant Alsvin 1.5L 5DCT had a 22.023kpl fuel efficiency result for highway driving at an average speed of 60 to 85kph. The said test was done from Balagtas, Bulacan in NLEX Northbound going to Tarlac City through SCTEX and back, covering a GPS-read distance of 180.652 kilometers.

Changan Alsvin

Aside from that, the same model had a 9.369kpl during a city driving test covering Makati-EDSA to SLEX East Service Road and back with a GPS-read distance of 90.7 kilometers.

According to CMPI, the vehicle used in the test was “set with driving parameters for real-life driving conditions” and used a 95-RON gasoline. The specifications set in the assessment are OEM-based — from the equipment installed to the tires. “The air-conditioning was at medium cool thermostat setting and the radio was either not used or set to low volume,” the company added.

Photos from Changan Motor Philippines Inc.

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Changan Alsvin
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