Common Myths about Automatic Transmission

Common Myths about Automatic Transmission

Let's face it: automatic transmission rules most of our vehicles today. And that's something most manual transmission fans like us have to live with (sob). Once upon a time, we hoped that the stick would continue to be popular and live on without any modifications whatsoever. But then again, Elvis had to die--and so did Professor Dumbledore.

Myth 1: Automatics will require less attention when driving.

Fact: They're easy to learn, but no, they actually require the same--if not more attention when you're driving. The reason is mainly because of carelessness. Once drivers get the hang of it, many tend to leave the car in "Driving" mode and then exit the vehicle. This causes the vehicle to slowly roll forward.

Also, those who are used to driving manual cars would tend to press down on the brake pedals harder--like they're doing it when pressing on a clutch pedal. This can result in a strong and abrupt stop that can result in a rear-end collision.

Myth 2: Automatics are sealed shut, and therefore, can't be repaired.

Fact: Automatics are quite complicated to repair due to the small components found inside it. And while they are relatively harder to tinker around with, they're actually repairable, depending on the mechanic or technician servicing it.

Myth 3: Automatic transmission vehicles waste more gas.

Fact: On the contrary, some are even more fuel efficient than manual cars. Here's why: many of the more modernized 'matics now use tricks like neutral coasting and taller gears when the transmission slips at low speeds. The final result? Cars sip less fuel on the road. 

Still, we do have to agree that many 'matics today are gas-guzzlers because they are still heavier compared to manuals. And the natural friction that happens inside can also be an added factor here. If that's the case, then we can agree that this is not a myth--yet. We're sure weight wouldn't be a problem in the future, though.

Myth 4: Automatics are not ideal to use for rugged terrain.

Fact: Of course not. With the rapid technology happening in their field, the automatic transmission can actually go toe-to-toe with manual vehicles. So yes (assuming you're an experienced driver) 'matics can take you anywhere, no matter how steep a hill is or rocky a terrain is.

Perhaps this myth can be stemmed from manual car fanatics who would not trade in their manual for a 'matic no matter what. Shame on them (slap twice for maximum effect).

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