Conquering challenges: 3 drivers share their inspiring Lalamove journey


Many Filipinos lost their livelihood during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of them was Lester Llansang, former actor and winner of the Best Child Actor award in FAMAS for his role in the film, Saranggola.

Llansang recently created a buzz when he was interviewed by showbiz personality Ogie Diaz.

“I do enjoy riding and delivering others’ necessities. I am now a Lalamove rider,” Llansang shared with pride.

The actor is part of the many Filipinos who joined Lalamove after being displaced in their previous jobs.

Alvin Castillo, a former hotel staff, also shared his struggle in dealing with his company’s entrenchment and finding a new means of earning.

“I used to work as a staff member for a hotel, but unfortunately, I got laid off during the pandemic. Thank God they (Lalamove) immediately processed my application,” explained Castillo.

With only the hope of making ends meet, he was surprised that he actually earns more now. “With Lalamove, I am earning twice as I did when I was working as a hotel staff. With hard work, not only do I earn enough for our bills and our daily essentials, but now I can save for the future,” Castillo added.

lalamove-1Arnold Baroquillo

Employees were not the only ones affected by the pandemic. Businessman Arnold Baroquillo also found himself in a tight spot because of COVID-19. His business was on the verge of collapse and the pandemic made it even harder to bounce back.

“I looked for a different source of income because our business was not doing well. I used our vehicle and have tried my luck with Lalamove. I worked hard for my family, for our livelihood, for our bills,” said Baroquillo.

“You just have to be understanding and hardworking,” he added.

In its continuous effort to support drivers’ livelihood, the delivery app has kept its doors open for aspiring partner drivers.

Applicants will need to secure a professional driver’s license, their vehicle’s OR/CR (or an authorization letter if they are borrowing the vehicle), and an NBI clearance.

Interested partner drivers can visit Lalamove's website for more information. 

Photos from Lalamove

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