Ford USA Recalls Over 600,000 Units for Potentially Dangerous Hydraulic Issue


After recalling about 3,858 vehicles earlier this December, the Ford Motor Company issues its second recall in a month involving two safety issues that affect over 600,000 units.

The first recall involves an issue with the valve inside the hydraulic control unit. Although normally closed, the valve has a tendency to stick open, which could lead to lengthier brake times, thereby increasing the risk of a collision.

According to Ford, there have been 15 accidents and two injuries reported that may relate to the problematic valve. The affected vehicles, which amount to 600,166 units in all, belong to model years built from 2006 to 2010. The models include Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan and Lincoln MKZ vehicles assembled at Ford’s Hermosillo Assembly Plant from February 22, 2006 to July 15, 2009.

Ford is notifying affected owners of the safety recall, which has the reference number 19S54, to bring their vehicles to their nearest Ford dealership. Upon their vehicle’s arrival, Ford technicians will inspect the hydraulic control unit for signs of stuck or slow-responding valves. Problem valves and/or hydraulic units will be replaced at no cost to the owner.

In addition, Ford will pressure-flush the system with DOT 4 brake fluid and replace the old DOT 3 reservoir cam with a new DOT 4 cap.

The second safety recall involves the spare tire bead damage on 2020 Ford F-150 pickup trucks. According to the recall, the spare tire bead area in some affected vehicles may have been damaged during mounting to the wheel assembly, which can potentially damage the bead wire and cause corrosion over time. Should the bead wire corrode, the bead wire could separate from the wheel assembly and lead to rapid loss of air pressure, and possibly even cause the wheel to detach from the car completely.

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This recent F-150 recall, which has the reference number 19S55, affects 84 vehicles in all, built at Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant from November 10 to 21, 2019. A total of 33 vehicles in the US and 51 units in Canada are subject to the recall.

Ford urges affected owners to bring their car to their nearest Ford dealership, where the spare tire will be replaced at no cost to the owner.

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