Fuso Canter FE73 clocks in 11.22kpl at latest Eco-Run Challenge

fuso eco run wave 2

Sojitz Fuso Philippines (SFP)  revealed that its Canter FE73 clocked in at 11.22 kilometers per liter (kpl). canter fe73


  • Aside from the Fuso Canter FE73, what were the two trucks that participated in the second wave of the brand’s Fuel Eco-Run Challenge?

    The two other trucks that participated in Fuso Philippines’ Fuel Eco-Run Challenge were the FJ 2528R and Canter FE85-S.
  • How long was the route that the trucks traveled?

    The three trucks traveled a 158.3-kilometer route with a mixture of traffic, uphill and downhill areas, city roads, and suburban driving conditions.
  • The aforementioned number was recorded during the second wave of its Fuel Eco-Run Challenge. Observing and certifying the records was the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP).

    Additionally, the Fuso FJ 2528R and Canter FE85-S registered at 3.70kpl and 11.22kpl respectively. 

    “We, at Fuso, always true to its commitment of providing reliable and fuel-efficient products that is essential in transportation and logistics operations. We also ensure that our vehicles are maintained in as high-quality and durable in manner as possible,” said SFP President and Chief Executive Officer Yosuke Nishi.

    fuso fjcanter fe73

    The three trucks traveled from San Fernando, Pampanga to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac, Bataan. The 158.3-kilometer route they tackled covered a mixture of traffic, uphill and downhill areas, city roads, as well as suburban driving conditions.

    To simulate realistic driving situations, the Fuso Canter FE73 was loaded with cargo that weighed 1,000 kilograms (kg). Meanwhile, the FJ 2528R and Canter FE85-S carried cargo that weighed 8,000kg and 2,700kg. respectively. 

    Additionally, the Fuso FJ 2528R was filled with 42.79 liters (L) worth of fuel. The Canter FE85-S was filled with 22.14L while the Canter FE73 had 14.11L of fuel. 

    The trucks had a target speed of 60 to 80 kilometers per hour. 

    Photos from Sojitz Fuso Philippines

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