Give dads these Prestone products for Father’s Day to show you care

from Prestone

Dads are the most important men in our lives and it is only proper to show them how much we love them by gifting them essential items this Father’s Day to make sure that they are safe every time that they have to go out.


  • How does Prestone brake fluids protect one's car?

    The Prestone DOT 3 or DOT 4 Synthetic High-Temperature Brake Fluid ensures longer fluid life, assures braking performance and prevents rust build-up in the braking system.
  • How does Prestone engine coolants keep the car in good condition?

    Prestone engine coolants keep the engine within optimum operating temperature and prevents buildup from happening inside the cooling system.
  • Where can the Prestone disinfecting wipes be used?

    The product is safe to use on the dashboard, console, steering wheel, window buttons, door handles, and gear stick, and other surfaces.
  • Here are some products from Prestone that will keep them out of harm’s way.

    Prestone fluids

    Brake fluid

    Using the correct brake fluid is imperative as it is necessary to properly lubricate and protect the metal parts from corrosion.

    The Prestone DOT 3 or DOT 4 Synthetic Hi-Temp Brake Fluid gives remarkable performance in high-temperature braking and ensures longer fluid life. The product also prevents rust build-up within the braking system and is suitable for a disc, drum, and anti-lock braking system.


    Whether the car is new or old, Prestone engine coolants will make sure that vehicle’s engine temperature is within normal levels to avoid overheating and protects the cooling system from corrosion.

    Prestone Engine Coolants also come in Long Life Concentrate and Long Life Ready-to-Use for all makes and models.

    Prestone Asian Coolant

    Disinfecting wipes

    Since the threat of COVID-19 is still out there, it is only just that he keeps disinfecting wipes all the time.

    For additional peace of mind, provide him Prestone Disinfecting Car Wipes to give him another round of protection. The aforementioned car wipes are designed to eliminate 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus in just one minute. The product is also safe to use on the dashboard, console, steering wheel, window buttons, door handles, and gear stick, and other surfaces that your dad may come in contact with.

    All Prestone products are known to be effective should it be the original kind. To ensure that you are getting authentic products, buy only from reputable stores and distributors. As another safeguard, be on the lookout for misspelled texts and information on the labels. Genuine Prestone products wear a PS mark or ICC sticker issued by the Bureau of Philippine Standards. 

    Prestone Wipes

    "Prestone has always been committed to advocating everyone's safety. This Father’s Day, consider giving your dads a gift that he can use to ensure the safety of the whole family," Clorox International Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia Monique Gonzales said.

     “So, when he takes you all to a getaway spot, he will know that you are all safe and sound under his care,” she added. 

    Aside from the three products, Prestone also retails other car care products, such as motor oils, power steering fluids, automatic transmission fluid, among others.

    Photos from Prestone Philippines

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