Prestone reminds motorists to use coolant, disinfecting wipes while traveling in 'new normal'


Motorists have started traveling again after the government placed Metro Manila as well as numerous areas in the Philippines under a more relaxed alert level. 


  • What are the benefits of using Prestone Asian Vehicles Antifreeze + Coolant?

    This prevents rust from building up inside the vehicle’s radiator.
  • How can the disinfecting wipes help car users?

    This is designed to kill 99.9 percent of viruses and other bacteria in 60 seconds. that may be on your car's surfaces.
  • In line with this, aftermarket brand Prestone reminds everyone to remain cautious on possible problems that one might encounter on the road.

    “We have always been an advocate for road safety. Since the holiday season is fast approaching, we want to remind motorists to keep in mind the BLOCBAGETS while on the road, which means checking the Brake fluid, Lights, Oil, Coolant, Battery, Air, Gas, Engine, and Tires of their vehicle. And, of course, Self – making sure that as drivers, they are well and good to drive,” Prestone Philippines Marketing Director Paolo Lao was quoted as saying.

    Prestone noted that it is offering engine coolants and disinfecting wipes to make sure that every journey is a safe one.

    Prestone Asian Coolant

    The company noted that while water can keep a car engine cool, its Asian Vehicles Antifreeze + Coolant will better protect the powertrain’s cooling system.

    The Prestone Asian Vehicles Antifreeze + Coolant delivers the protection the engine needs — whether new or old. “It also maintains your vehicle’s engine temperature and avoids freezing. Other than that, it provides protection from any unnecessary buildups and corrosion in your vehicle’s parts,” Prestone shared.

    Offered in three variants namely Asian Red, Asian Blue and Asian Green, the coolant caters to any vehicle’s model and make, with its patented and upgraded Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT), Organic Acid Technology (OAT), and Phosphate Organic Acid Technology (POAT) formulas.

    Meanwhile, Prestone said that it also offers Car Disinfecting Wipes to clean and disinfect the vehicle to further protect oneself and its loved ones against disease-carrying viruses and bacteria.

    Prestone Wipes

    Clinically proven to kill 99.9 percent of viruses — including the dreaded COVID-19 virus — and other germs and bacteria in a minute, the Prestone Car Disinfecting Wipes is safe to use on most car surfaces such as the dashboard, console, steering wheel, window buttons, door handles, gear stick, cup holders, ventilation grills, and many more.

    Further, to ensure quality of products, Prestone also encourages motorists to buy them from reputable stores and distributors only.

    “Counterfeit items lead to car damage and severe road accidents as the worst. We, at Prestone, want to prevent that, especially this coming holiday season. That is why we advise our customers to authenticate their Prestone items by buying from reputable stores, keeping caution on lower prices and deals, and by checking for PS mark or ICC stickers issued by the Bureau of Product Standards of the Philippines,” Lao said. 

    Lao also added that counterfeited products usually have 900ml packaging and urged its customers to pay attention to details by watching out for misspelled information on the labels. 

    To learn more about Prestone and its products, visit their website at 

    Photos from Prestone

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