Honda 2020 AirBlade Scooter to Arrive in PH This Weekend

Honda 2020 AirBlade Scooter to Arrive in PH This Weekend

Motorcycle enthusiasts brace yourselves, because the 2020 Honda Air Blade scooter is scheduled to be unveiled in the Philippines this weekend.

First unveiled in Vietnam last December 18, the new Air Blade boasts a complete redesign that upholds practicality above all else.

From the large capacity utility box under the seat to the fuel lid positioned outside above the main pipe instead of under the seat like most bikes, the new Air Blade is designed to provide bikers with a more convenient and comfortable ride.

No wonder fans have been waiting its arrival with bated breath. Check out the vast aesthetic improvements for yourself:

The fifth generation Air Blade comes powered by two single-cylinder liquid cooled engines—a 125cc and 150cc. The 125cc does 11.3 horsepower and 11.68 Nm torque, while the 150cc dishes out 12.9 hp and 13.3 Nm.

Hopefully, both variants will be released in the country, but if we have to pick, we would love to see the higher-speced Airblade, just because it would be more fun to drive.

Each engine comes with smart tech in the guise of an Intelligent Low Friction for smoother rides, Electronically Controlled ACG Starter, Complete Combustion, and Programmed Fuel Injection.

The Honda website describes the benefits of the aforementioned tech:

  • Intelligent Low Friction: For reduced friction and vibration during acceleration
  • Complete combustion: Made possible by a new combustion chamber that enhances complete combustion and engine performance, for better riding performance.
  • Electronically controlled ACG starter: Helps to start and re-start the bike much more easily and quietly, so idling stop system works smoothly and effectively.
  • PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection): ECU (Engine Control Unit) enhances fuel injection, engine performance, combustion, fuel efficiency, and cleaner exhaustion.

Aside from the engine choices, buyers also get to choose between a single-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) or combined braking system (CBS). Both choices are available for both engines.

Other nifty features include a multi-function key shutter with LED, integrated switches for the fuel tank lid and utility box, a USB charger, and remote response key system (Deluxe and Magnet variants only).

With the Honda Air Blade’s launch not yet confirmed, it’s only a matter of time before the bike reaches Honda’s dealerships nationwide.

If you’ve been awaiting the bike’s arrival on air local shores since it was announced, then chances are you can’t wait any longer. Hopefully, this teaser video is enough to whet your appetite in the meantime.

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