Honda Click 125i: Does it have what it takes to be a fuel-efficient ride?


Honda is one of the major motorcycle companies in the Philippines, with the brand having various offerings in different motorcycle segments — like the ever-popular Honda Click 125i scooter.


  • What engine does the Honda Click 125i have?

    The Honda Click 125i has a 125cc fuel-injected engine.
  • What is its fuel economy rating?

    It clocks in at 53kpl.
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    While Coco Martin’s picture sitting atop the city scoot might have slightly helped Honda boost the Click 125i sales, its set of attractive features is what drew many motorcycle buyers — especially those who are mindful of their mileage — to hop on the Click 125i’s saddle.

    Join us as we break down exactly what these features are and how much does it help the Click 125i in terms of fuel economy.


    Tubeless tires

    The Honda Click 125i comes with a pair of tubeless tires as standard. Compared to conventional tubed tires, tubeless ones are generally lighter and will therefore contribute to the scooter’s fuel efficiency.

    It rides on 14-inch wheels with an 80/90 tire at the front and a 90/90 tire at the rear.

    Programmed Fuel-Injection (PGM-Fi) system

    The Honda Click 125i is equipped with a PGM-Fi system that supplies the engine with the right amount of fuel. The PGM-Fi system uses a PCM sensor that monitors the motorcycle’s riding behavior to determine the engine’s fuel requirements.

    Compared to other scoots like the carburetor-equipped Mio Sporty, the fuel-injected Honda Click 125i ensures a more optimum fuel economy in the long run.

    A decent powertrain

    The Honda Click 125i is equipped with a 125cc, liquid-cooled engine and is mated to a CVT. Its powertrain setup offers a decent ride with the right amount of peppiness while still maintaining a conservative level of fuel consumption.

    Fuel efficiency

    While scooters in general are meant to be fuel-efficient rides, the Honda Click 125i sets the bar high. Compared to other similarly-built scoots like the Yamaha Mio i 125S and the Skydrive Sport 125 Fi which registers at 46kpl and 50kpl respectively, the Honda Click 125i clocks in at an impressive 53kpl.

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