How to Protect Your Car from the Summer Heat

How to Protect Your Car from the Summer Heat

It's one of your car's worst enemies: the sun. And with the summer just around the corner, we can already expect intense heat beating mercilessly on your vehicle.

Here's how to protect your car from getting harassed by the sun:

Your Vehicle's Exterior

Wash and dry your vehicle immediately.

A clean car lessens small particles from embedding inside and causing micro scratches on your car's surface. Meanwhile, drying it fast will prevent small drops of water from acting like a magnifying glass, causing them to intensely focus the sun's rays on your car's paint.

Wax your vehicle.

Here's one good thing about waxing your vehicle: they help create a thin layer on the surface to protect it against the sun's ultraviolet rays. Also, they make the surface less prone to dirt, preventing dust from embedding deeper when hit by the harsh rays of the sun.

Maintain good tire pressure.

Your tire loses air far easier when it's hot. And when you combine underinflated tires with hot concrete, then it can blow up and lead to accidents on the road.

Your Vehicle's Interior


Park in shaded areas.

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of common sense to protect your car from intense heat. And one good and easy way to practice this is NOT to park in a sunny area.

Add seat covers.

Here's another "common sense" tip you should definitely follow: add car seat covers. They're easy to buy and easy to install--and yes, your car seats will love you for it.

Buy a windshield sun protector.

These tools are specifically designed to prevent your vehicle from getting damaged by the sun.

Clean your interiors.

Dirt can cause tiny scratches that can easily happen when the surface is hot (and slightly pliable).

Under your car's hood

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Don't forget the fluids.

There is a likelihood that your car's engine might overheat, so make sure that you're adding fresh coolant to your engine at all times. Your car's belts also need to be changed occasionally, so make sure they're in good working condition and free from damages.

And speaking of fluids, don't forget your transmission, brake, and power steering fluids as well. Make sure to check your car manual so you know the proper way (and time) to do them.

Maintain the health of your car's air conditioning system.

We can guess that your air conditioner will be getting a good workout during the summer. That's why it's important to keep them in good shape. Make sure to have a professional check them occasionally so things will run smoothly and efficiently as possible.


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