Hyundai brings Xcient Fuel Cell trucks to Israel

hyundai xcient

Hyundai Motor announced that it will enter the Middle Eastern truck market by taking its heavy-duty, hydrogen-powered Xcient Fuel Cell trucks to Israel.


  • How many Xcient Fuel Cell trucks did Hyundai supply to Israel?

    Hyundai supplied three Xcient Fuel Cell trucks to Israel.
  • Which companies are Hyundai’s partners in forming a hydrogen value chain in Israel?

    Hyundai’s partners in creating a hydrogen value chain in Israel are Colmobil, Bazan, and Sonol.
  • The South Korean automotive company supplied three Xcient Fuel Cell trucks to Israel as part of a partnership between its Israeli agency Colmobil, hydrogen producer Bazan, and hydrogen refueling station operator Sonol to form a hydrogen value chain in Israel.

    All three hydrogen-powered trucks will be put into commercial operations in 2023 under Colmobil, Bazan, and Sonol respectively.


    “We are thrilled to support the Israel government’s strong commitment to building a sustainable future with our hydrogen-powered, heavy-duty Xcient Fuel Cell truck. Establishing the first hydrogen infrastructure in Israel in close collaboration with the country’s key players marks a significant milestone in our efforts to build a sustainable hydrogen value chain around the world. We are confident that our fuel cell trucks will substantially contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition in Israel,” said Hyundai Motor Company Senior Vice President and Head of Commercial Vehicle Business Innovation Mark Freymueller.

    Hyundai’s Xcient Fuel Cell truck is the world’s first mass-produced heavy-duty hydrogen-electric truck and is currently being used in real-world commercial operations in Switzerland, as well as in Germany, Korea, and New Zealand.

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