Isuzu PH launches N-Series Smoother workhorse

Isuzu N-Series Smoother

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has introduced the latest offering the N-Series Smoother, which is expected to uplift local businesses further.

Unveiled via virtual launch on IPC’s official Facebook page, the Isuzu N-Series Smoother is fitted with an automated manual transmission (AMT), making it their first model to wear such a gearshift system. This technology (MYY6S) has up to six gear changes.

IPC executives Hajime Koso and Shojiro Sakoda

The Isuzu N-Series Smoother operates like the usual manual transmission (MT) — only without the clutch pedal — ensuring easy driving operation while enjoying fuel efficiency that can be achieved with a manual gearbox. 

“Being the number-one truck brand in the country, Isuzu’s success comes from working closely with our customers, assessing their every need, and coming up with the best business solutions in every step of the way,” IPC President Hajime Koso said.

“In the Philippines, trucks are maximized and utilized almost in 24/7 operations. And with the increasing demand for delivery, especially in logistics, truckers deal not just with the increase in their operation expenses, particularly fuel and maintenance, but also the need for more professional drivers which has become quite a problem. So, we thought, why not make our next truck address all these challenges and more,” he added.

Automated Manual Transmission

With the said technology fitted in the light commercial vehicle model, the Isuzu N-Series Smoother promises the following benefits to customers.

Easy to drive: The gearbox is similar to an automatic transmission (AT) system and has two pedals only (brake and gas), which could mean less fatigue for drivers during long distance driving or in highly congested areas. 

Economical:  Isuzu N-Series Smoother is engineered to automatically select and shift the vehicle’s gear position to help the vehicle get good fuel efficiency ratings, saving the user from high fuel expenses and since the vehicle does not have a clutch pedal, there is no need to spend on clutch maintenance.  

 Safety: Since the vehicle does not need to worry about changing gears, the driver can focus more on the road.

Two-pedal operation

Powering the Isuzu N-Series is the same 3.0-liter 4JJ1-TCC: a four-cylinder, turbo-intercooler, Common-rail Direct Inject, Blue Power Diesel Engine, that can provide up to 122hp and 354Nm of pulling power.

Aside from the AMT technology, IPC has added features to the Isuzu N-Series Smoother like a radio that comes with a pair of USB ports, two speakers, cab power window, central door lock and cab tilt warning system

Cab Tilt Warning

Further, the Isuzu N-Series Smoother comes with a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty. 

Currently, the Isuzu N-Series Smoother is offered only on the NLR85 cab and chassis body type at P1.6 million. However, Koso said that they have yet to further study the market if there is a need for the AMT to be fitted on other models as well.

Photos from Isuzu Philippines Corporation

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