Lamborghini shows support to environment in an open letter

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In an open letter addressed to the public entitled “While the company grows, our commitment to the environment does not change,” Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stefano Domenicali shared the company’s progress and its responsibility for a greener future.

“(Year) 2019 was definitely the year that gave us our greatest number of achievements. Deliveries to customers all over the world increased by 43%, jumping from 5,750 to 8,205 vehicles, a new record-breaking result as we fuel our growth on a global factory

"Our commitment to the environment is still strong, too. As a company, we feel our responsibility to make a major and tangible contribution to the crucial theme of sustainability through product and process innovation. We strive to be sustainability trailblazers by developing cutting-edge technologies and virtuous processes that enable us to manage our impact, avoid waste, keep consumption in check and prevent pollution.”

Domenicali also addressed the new paintshop for the Urus super SUV that they launched in 2019. Lamborghini assured that the paintshop utilizes Class A, high-energy efficiency systems at the cutting edge of technology and latest-generation LED lighting. Ninety-five percent of the colors used are water-based, and solvent emissions are very low thanks to a centralized scrubber system that recovers the heat used in the production factory

“We also promoted greater awareness and culture around the theme of sustainability through various campaigns,” Domenicali continues. “From our now plastic-free restaurant to educational meetings in collaboration with 'The Climate Reality Project,' we spared no effort in supporting and encouraging the change, raising awareness among employees on the climate crisis and promoting solutions to counteract its effects through energy transition and sustainable mobility. These meetings have helped us to reflect on the meaning and effects of the climate crisis we are experiencing and to understand what we can do to make a difference.

“We were honored to participate in the program and bear witness to the message that we are all responsible in the fight against climate change through our actions toward the environment and our community and that we can all do our part.”lamborghinilamborghini

With the company’s environmental statement, Lamborghini promotes the importance of pursuing industrial development that does not neglect the community and the wider environment. As one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world, Automobili Lamborghini’s aims to act as a model for the rest of the car industry and for the whole world to follow their lead. Domenicali finishes with this statement: “Protecting the world we live in is a key element of our corporate conduct. That is why all members of the Lamborghini family can think of the Company with great satisfaction and take pride in being part of it.”

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