Limited Michelin x Bamford B347 Pilot Sport to use straps made from recycled tires


Michelin and Bamford London are teaming up to release a limited-edition timepiece that will use straps made out of recycled tires. Only 133 pieces of this exclusive wristwatch will be made — one for each year since Michelin was founded in 1889.


  • How many pieces of the Michelin x Bamford B347 Pilot Sport will be made?

    According to Michelin, only 133 pieces of the Michelin x Bamford B347 Pilot Sport will be produced.
  • What tire was used for the strap of the Michelin x Bamford B347 Pilot Sport?

    Michelin used recycled Michelin Pilot Sport 5 test tires for the strap of the limited-edition timepiece.
  • “Bamford’s expertise in high-precision manufacturing, advanced materials, and eye for detail are traits we share, making this collaboration an obvious choice. It’s also a statement, highlighting Michelin’s presence as a lifestyle brand. We’re more than tires. Michelin sets the standards in food, hotels, and experiences,” said Michelin UK Communications Representative Dan Smith.

    “There is always a demand for Bamford’s brand collaborations, especially when produced in limited numbers. This joint project has allowed us to create something aspirational, that represents Michelin today, all whilst putting some R&D samples of our latest tires — the Pilot Sport 5 — to good use,” Smith added.


    The Michelin x Bamford B347 Pilot Sport is an automatic monopusher chronograph. It boasts a Sellita SW510 automatic movement housed in a 41.5mm black cutting-edge forged carbon case.

    Since the Michelin x Bamford B347 Pilot Sport is a nod to Michelin’s tires, the horological piece offers a slew of car-related references. To begin with, the limited-edition watch comes with a single push-button for start-stop-reset function. Its tachymeter features a racing-inspired chequered pattern representing a start/finish flag.

    The watch features black dials with white accents as well as luminous hour and minute hands. The white sub-dials are a nod to Michelin’s latest brand campaign showing tires on vehicles as white, cartoon-style circles, because of course, tires used to be white. The seconds and the sub-dial hands of the watch are in yellow.

    Adding to the special elements of this timepiece, the caseback and custom box feature a heritage “race winner” Bibendum (Michelin Man) — which is usually reserved for Michelin’s own use.


    Now onto the strap.

    The band of the Michelin x Bamford B347 Pilot Sport features a unique colored fleck. It is made using recycled Michelin Pilot Sport 5 test tires. The straps feature a real tread pattern taken from the product it was based on, specifically a Pilot Sport 5 225/40 ZR18 (92Y) tire.


    “What started out as a light-bulb moment, stood next to a line-up of Porsches at a car event with a friend who works at Michelin, has developed into this stunning display of two pioneering brands. The racing-inspired design, lightweight carbon body, integrating the recycled tire rubber, and marking this by adding the tread pattern from their latest tire — it all works,” commented Bamford London Founder George Bamford.

    The two brands also tapped on Greenology, a specialist in full circle, sustainable solutions for end-of-life tires who used the recycled Michelin Pilot Sport 5 test tires sourced from the brand’s research and development campus.

    “It has been a privilege to work in collaboration with Michelin and Bamford, who are fellow innovative forward-thinking companies, to responsibly deal with tires in a whole new way. This collaboration is an excellent example of working together to help create a transition to net zero and a greener, cleaner tire industry,” said Greenolgy Director Laura Hepburn.

    The Michelin x Bamford B347 Pilot Sport launches just in time for the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

    Photos from Michelin 

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