MMDA traffic chief confronts RSAP founder for interfering with apprehension


Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) EDSA traffic chief Edison “Bong” Nebrija slammed Riders’ Safety Advocates of the Philippines (RSAP) founder Bonifacio Bosita in his Facebook post for allegedly interfering with one of the agency’s enforcers on February 27, 2021.

On a social media post by the MMDA traffic czar, Nebrija said “Ilabas mo ang batas na nagtatalaga sayo ng kapangyarihan na pagbayarin ang enforcer namin ang isang araw na sweldo ng hinuli nila, baka usurpation of authority ka boy para iutos at ipilit sa enforcer namin yan.” Nebrija who is known for his stance against undisciplined motorists and pedestrians, now barks at the retired colonel after a viral video surfaced on March 4, 2021 which you can see here.

Bosita, regarded as a champion of sorts amongst motorcycle riders, came to the rescue of a couple that was apprehended by an MMDA enforcer. The rider’s backride was not wearing shoes and was issued a citation ticket for not following the dress code.

In the aforementioned video, Bosita was seen contacting a personnel from MMDA Metrobase, to confirm and validate the grounds for the issuance of the citation ticket. The RSAP founder then began lecturing the MMDA officers for not understanding and correctly interpreting the agency’s ordinance when he met with the enforcers. Bosita and the parties involved (MMDA enforcers and the enforcer’s Team Leader) came to a resolution, although the retired colonel’s approach did not appeal to Nebrija. Especially when Bosita asked the MMDA officer to pay for the motorcycle passenger’s day’s worth of salary.


In the same Facebook post Nebrija commented, “Kung may problema ka sa huli namin bilang dating pulis at myembro ng HPG alam mo dapat sa adjudication nireresolba yan at wala kang karapatan pakialamanan huli ng enforcer namin. Kapag mali enforcer namin yaan mong yung hearing officer maresolution nyan at di ikaw. Eh kung gusto mong maghearing officer, eh magapply ka sa MMDA at di yung nagpapasikat ka sa YouTube.”


The MMDA EDSA traffic chief also blasted Bosita for using Nebrija’s enforcers to further the RSAP founder’s own means saying, “ Marami ka bang views? Malaki na ba kita? Pangpondo na sa eleksyon? Huwag mong gamitin ang mga pobreng enforcer namin sa pamumulitika mo. Ginagamit mo lang ang riding community para sa political advancement mo, pwede ba?”

Bosita has yet to fire back, but the scuffle between the two figures caught between the said traffic citation could be far from over. Nebrija even added that MMDA’s legal team is already looking at different angles to pursue a case against Bosita

Photos from Colonel Bosita, RSAP Youtube Page MMDA Facebook Page and Riders Safety Advocates of the Philippines RSAP Facebook Page

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