Nissan powers Chrismas lights in UK factory using Leaf EV

nissan leaf powers xmas tree in uk

Nissan’s European arm announced that the lights on the 32-foot Christmas tree — alongside the shimmering reindeer — in its factory in the United Kingdom (UK) are being powered by a Leaf electric vehicle (EV).


  • What technology is the Nissan Leaf using to power the Christmas lights in its UK factory?

    The Nissan Leaf is using its vehicle-to-everything technology to power the Christmas lights in its UK factory
  • How many Nissan Leaf EVs have been produced at the company’s Sunderland factory?

    Per Nissan, around 250,000 Leaf EVs have rolled out of its Sunderland factory.
  • The feat is being staged not only to demonstrate the EV’s reliable vehicle-to-everything capability but also to celebrate the milestone of producing 250,000 EVs in Nissan’s Sunderland Plant in the UK.

    “Passing a quarter of a million Nissan Leaf is a tremendous milestone, and demonstrates the electric vehicle manufacturing expertise we have built up at our plant over the past decade. This year we have completely electrified the plant’s line-up with the new versions of Qashqai and Juke launched, so lighting up the Christmas tree with our original EV is a spectacular and appropriate way to end 2022,” said Nissan Sunderland Plant Vice President  of Manufacturing Alan Johnson.

    Nissan Leaf’s vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology puts energy management back in the hands of the owner by turning their vehicle into a mobile energy hub. Drivers can store electricity in their vehicle’s battery and feed it to the grid, their building, or their Christmas tree when needed.

    nissan leaf powers xmas tree in uk 1

    To note, the Philippine arm of the Japanese automotive brand also did something similar back in 2020. Nissan Philippines used a Leaf EV to light up a Christmas tree in Pasig, then in Glorietta, and finally in Alabang Town Center (ATC).

    Further, Nissan also used the Leaf in 2019 as a traveling Christmas tree to showcase the car’s regenerative braking technology.

    Photos from Nissan Europe

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