‘Tis the Season to Be Leafy: Nissan Makes Christmas Tree out of Leaf EV

‘Tis the Season to Be Leafy: Nissan Makes Christmas Tree out of Leaf EV

To spread some seasonal joy, Nissan dressed up one of their Leaf EVs in thousands of LED lights and turned it into a glowing, traveling Christmas tree. The lights, powered by the Leaf’s onboard battery, showcases the vehicle’s regenerative braking system that recovers energy normally lost as heat. With regenerative braking, the Leaf/Christmas tree can keep shining bright while also meeting its mileage range.

Nissan provides this explanation for their innovative braking system in their press release:

“Two driving functions provide energy regeneration in the Nissan LEAF. The Nissan LEAF e-Pedal allows the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal. The e-Pedal also helps the car to harvest energy via regenerative braking. This works by recycling the energy from the movement of the car during braking or deceleration, which then goes straight back to the batteries, where it is used to recharge them. Meanwhile, B mode is a driving function that regenerates energy under braking, with drivers using the traditional brake pedal as normal.”

According to Nissan, the Leaf can regenerate 744 kWh of clean energy in 18,000 kms of driving. This much energy can power up:

  • 266 Christmas trees with 700 incandescent lights for a full hour of joy
  • 297 ovens for one hour to cook your Christmas dinner
  • 744 televisions for five hours to watch your favorite Christmas movies
  • 10,783 houses with 1,000 LED lights for five hours

More than just cover the car with LED, Nissan made sure the car looks as festive as possible, giving it snowflake wheels and shimmery baubles, while a reindeer on top completes the look. The body panels are decked out on garland and tiny lights, while character lines are identified using bigger bulbs. The V-Motion grille is also outlined by string lights. Strangely, Nissan decided not to light up the emblem along with the other exterior features. It would have looked great in red as an homage to a popular reindeer.

As one of the pioneers of the electrical vehicle revolution, the Nissan Leaf has enjoyed many firsts than most of its peers. Back in March, the model managed a major milestone by reaching 400,000 units sold. It has also built a reputation as one of the most affordable and readily available EVs on the market. The Nissan Leaf e+, the model’s current top tier trim, has no problem exceeding 400 kms on a single charge.

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