NLEX Candaba viaduct northbound lane upgrade to start next month

Candaba Viaduct

Following the completion of its southbound portion in May last year, the NLEX Corporation will upgrade the northbound lane of the Candaba viaduct next month to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience to motorists.


  • When will NLEX Corporation start upgrading the northbound lane of the Candaba Viaduct?

    The project shall start next month.
  • What are the initiatives that the NLEX Corporation will do to mitigate traffic in the area?

    The tollway operator said that it will put up a temporary steel bailey bridge over the repair site, a counterflow lane at the southbound carriageway, deployment of traffic marshals, and traffic updates will be made available on the company’s various social media channels.
  • The project, which will start next month, will cover the replacement of 13 priority link slabs that connect the bridge deck spans of the five-kilometer road network that connects Pampanga and Bulacan.

    The tollway operator said the initiative will be for six months. This year, the company is also looking into constructing a third bridge to further improve mobility in and out of the Viaduct.

    “We always ensure to maintain our assets for the benefit of thousands of motorists plying our expressway. Whether it is above the bridge or under the bridge, we keep on doing the upgrades for the Candaba Viaduct as we want motorists to continue having safe and comfortable travel,” NLEX Corporation President and General Manager J. Luigi Bautista was quoted as saying.

    Candaba Viaduct link slab

    The company shared that the upgrades for the Candaba Viaduct “have been in place since 2019 as part of the four-year rehabilitation plan that aims to enhance its efficiency and safety.” “Last year, the tollway firm completed the link slab upgrade of the southbound segment which has since improved safety and long-term serviceability of the structure,” NLEX Corporation noted.

    The toll operator shared that a temporary steel bailey bridge will be installed to let cars, vans, small trucks, and buses cross over the repair site and a counterflow lane at the southbound carriageway will also be opened for the same vehicles and cargo trucks.

    Patrol officers and marshals will be deployed and directional traffic signs will be installed to guide motorists.

    Further, traffic updates will also be available on the company’s various social media channels.

    Photos from NLEX Corporation

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    NLEX starts upgrading Candaba Viaduct

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