Oil companies hit motorists with hefty price hikes today

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We hope that you have your tanks filled yesterday to welcome the first workday of 2022 as fuel companies will implement a pump price increase reaching more than P2 per liter.


  • What are the products that will have price increase?

    Pump price for diesel will go up by P2.40 per liter while gasoline and kerosene, by P1.85 per liter.
  • Who are the companies that will implement such adjustment.

    Petron Philippines, Caltex, Cleanfuel, Total Philippines, Seaoil Philippines, Unioil and Flying V will impose the price movement today, based on their respective advisories. Other companies are expected to follow.
  • In their respective advisories Monday, Petron Philippines, Caltex, Cleanfuel, Total Philippines, Seaoil Philippines, Unioil and Flying V will add P2.40 per liter on the price of diesel and P1.85 per liter on gasoline products.

    Many of the abovementioned oil firms will also impose a P1.85-per-liter addition on kerosene.

    fuel pump

    Other oil players in the country are expected to follow suit.

    Additionally, the price of AutoLPG went down P1.50 per liter yesterday (January 3, 2021) for Cleanfuel while Petron had their reduction of P1.43 per liter on the same product last December 31.

    Relatedly Caltex declared a kerosene price freeze on areas declared under state of calamity.

    To note, these companies reduced the pump price of their gasoline products only by P0.20 per liter, P0.65 per liter on diesel and kerosene by P0.85 per liter last December 28 to mark the final adjustment for 2021.

    Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV 

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