5 Tips on How To Get Better Fuel Economy while Driving on Highway

5 Tips on How To Get Better Fuel Economy while Driving on Highway

Most of us tend to go on a road trip when there's a long weekend on the calendar. Who wouldn't want to escape the city and its busy lifestyle, right? Road trips involve several driving segments before reaching a certain destination. You have to drive through the open highway, provincial roads, uphill- and downhill-roads, among others. To make the most out of your trip, you need to maximize your fuel by driving efficiently. As such, here are five tips on how to yield better fuel economy when you're driving on the highway.

Maintain constant speed

You should maintain a constant speed when you're driving on the highway as this can help improve your fuel economy. Run at the speed where you're most comfortable but, be mindful of the minimum and maximum speed limit on the highway. Maintain a constant speed as much as possible when you're on the highway--don't mind if other cars are faster than you since you're not in a race after all. Running at your own pace is also safer since you're not pushing yourself to the limit.

Be calm on the pedals

You should be calm on the pedals when you're on the highway because sudden application of gas and brakes can affect your car's fuel efficiency. In other words, don't be too hard on the throttle and don't slam on the brakes. The U.S. Department of Energy says aggressive driving can lower your fuel economy by about 15% to 30%. With that in mind, drive sensibly and calmly--don't be in a rush to reach your destination.

Maintain a safe following distance

Maintaining a safe following distance should always be your priority whenever you're driving. Practicing such method of driving allows you to respond better and safer to road hazards or accidents. A safe following distance can also limit your sudden braking whenever you're on the open highway, which will result in better fuel economy.


Plan your overtakes wisely

Before you overtake the vehicle in front of you, you should first evaluate if you have enough room or space on the road. Swift overtaking is better rather than a failed attempt as this could affect your fuel economy. Check your mirrors and look ahead  if you have a safe space before you decide to overtake. Always remember, patience is the key and patience often leads to a safer drive.

Enjoy the road trip

Lastly, enjoy your road trip and don't rush to reach your destination. After all, it is not a race and it's better to arrive on your destination with your arms and limbs complete. Enjoy the drive and never ever compromise your safety.

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