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PIMS 2018: Isuzu VT02 Concept Could Be Isuzu PH’s Next PUVMP Model

While Isuzu Philippines’s (IPC) mainstream models like the Isuzu mu-X and Isuzu D-Max are drawing the attention of the attendees to the ongoing 7th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS), another model stands quietly at the side that the Japanese carmaker plans to enter in the ongoing Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) of the government: the Isuzu VT02.

While it is technically a concept vehicle made in Indonesia that’s based on the Isuzu Traga lightweight truck, the design can readily be adopted for the local market. We asked IPC Sales Division Head Joseph Bautista if we would see a production version of the VT02 soon on our roads as another one of his company’s entries into the PUVMP program and he concurred.

“Yes, we’re looking into bringing the VT02 over for the PUV Modernization Program,” Bautista told CARMUDI PHILIPPINES. “It can be for either the Class 1 or Class or even Class 3 and 4 of the modernization program.”

Bautista admitted that one problem with bringing the VT02 over is that, other than its right-hand-drive configuration, it still has a Euro 2 engine.

What’s interesting about the VT02 is that it is one of the handful of vehicles qualified for the PUVMP that is close to the size of current jeepneys, since most of the program’s prototypes we’ve seen, including those that are currently plying their respective routes in Taguig and Manila, are practically minibuses already.

Perhaps instead of bringing over the VT02, IPC can follow Isuzu Indonesia’s lead and assembling one instead by utilizing the N Series cab and chassis since it’s already available locally.What do you think, IPC?

Isuzu PIMS 2018
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