Porsche shares details of panoramic roof with ‘Variable Light Control’

porsche panoramic roof

Porsche has shared the details of how its panoramic roof with Variable Light Control works.


  • How many layers of film does the Porscge panoramic roof with Variable Light Control have?

    Per Porsche, the panoramic roof with Variable Light Control has seven layers of film creating the controllable shade.
  • What Porsche model can be optioned with the panoramic roof with Variable Light Control?

    The panoramic roof with Variable Light Control is available in the Porsche Taycan.
  • According to the German automotive brand, the state-of-the-art panoramic roof technology is matte white by default. When the vehicle is powered on, the panoramic roof is activated and remembers the last setting selected by its driver. The driver can change the transparency of the panoramic roof based on various modes.

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    The Stuttgart-based carmaker revealed that the secret lies in the seven-layered design of the panoramic sunroof.

    “The core features a polymer matrix with a wafer-thin conductive layer on both sides, referred to as indium tin oxide. If no voltage is present between these layers, the matrix is matte. If the alternating voltage is active, the liquid crystals rearrange themselves and provide a clear view. A safety film and layer of glass appear on each side of this innovative core. Thanks to a silver coating, the outer layer reflects the heat of the sun and the inner layer has an insulating effect. The conductive layers are divided into nine segments with lasered seams that are almost invisible,” Porsche explained in a press release.

    Porsche said that the panoramic roof with Variable Light Control offers effective heat protection.

    With a high-precision test setup that simulates 45 minutes of heat comparable to that under the South African sun on a summer day, the headroom of a panoramic roof with Variable Light Control-equipped car remains nine degrees Celsius cooler than with the best roller shade available.

    The panoramic roof with Variable Light Control is available as an optional add-on for all models of the Porsche Taycan.

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