Premium Warranty Service PH wants to give 2nd-hand car buyers more confidence

PWSPI inspection

Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI) is eyeing to ensure every car buyer — both experienced and first-timers — need not worry when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

PWSPI and GT Capital Auto and Mobility (GT CAM) Chairman Vince Socco said that they are eyeing to transform the pre-owned car market, where buyers are acquiring their vehicles on an “as-is-where-is” basis.

“By providing top-quality inspection and warranty services, PWSPI is able to bring a new level of transparency to the second-hand car market and help provide buyers with added peace of mind in both the buying and ownership experience,” he said.

Vince Socco, chairman of PWSPI and GT Capital Auto and Mobility (GT CAM)

PSWPI provides sellers and buyers a convenient solution to trade in used cars. “With PWSPI’s inspection services, buying used cars is worry-free and reassuring as warranty coverage may be availed through used car dealers,” the company claimed in a statement.

Further, PWSPI is partnering with financial institutions and second-hand car dealers that supply pre-owned cars to the market and online portals. The vehicles will undergo 188-point inspection and will have a certification on the car’s condition.

The inspected units posted online will carry an “Inspected” badge with a link that will take an interested buyer directly to a copy of the inspection certificate. At the physical dealerships, vehicles which have undergone the thorough inspection of a surveyor will bear a sticker on the windshield, and a copy of the inspection certificate will be made available upon request.

“We want to make PWSPI inspection and warranty services easy to find and avail. Partnering with used car dealers and online auto portals in offering these services is the natural place to start,” Socco continued. “They know their customers and the market best and our role is to help them provide better value and a better purchasing experience."

PWSPI inspection

Aside from the inspection certification, PWSPI will also provide photos of the vehicle, highlighting the significant findings on the condition of the car using an array of tools and equipment to assure the condition of the unit’s exterior, interior, undercarriage, engine and on-board devices (OBD). 

During the inspection, even paint thickness is also measured to detect any potential repainting resulting from an accident.

Moreover, PWSPI offers vehicle warranty for used cars aged 10 years below or with mileage of 150,000 km or less for as long as two years — a benefit that was previously enjoyed only by brand-new vehicle buyers.

The company also offers Engine and Transmission Warranty or a Comprehensive Warranty (covering over 200 parts), depending on customers' budget or personal preference.

A basic one-year Engine and Transmission coverage on a three-year-old used car starts at P5,100 while the full two-year Comprehensive Warranty on a three-year old vehicle is offered for P13,300.

“It is available for major Japanese, American, and Korean car brands except for grey market parallel imports, modified or commercial vehicles. In the event of a warrantable part failure, a claim can be conveniently filed through PWSPI. PWSPI will evaluate the claim and, if approved, will refer the owner to one of its accredited repair shops. An owner can make claims up to a maximum accumulated repair cost between P250,000 and P500,000 over the length of the warranty period, depending on the type of warranty,” the firm explained.

Photos from Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI)

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