PWD-Friendly Maxus G10 Assist is Here

Prior to the launch happening today, CARMUDI already reported about the coming of the PWD-friendly Maxus G10 Assist, the latest addition to the Maxus lineup.

We have already released some of its specifications, since the only change is the left passenger seat dedicated for PWD vehicle occupant.

Now, we will be releasing the price for the Maxus G10 Assist.

The price tag for the PWD-dedicated Maxus G10 is PHP2,079,800 with the breakdown of price as follows:

  • Vehicle introductory price--PHP1.68 million

  • Full assist accessories--PHP399,800

The accessories include a foldable footrest and the Programmable Swivel lifting seat that can be controlled via mobile app or remote control.

Other features of the Maxus G10 Assist, which are also available in the G10, are the projector halogen headlamps, a seven-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth infotainment system, front and rear park sensors, reverse parking camera, as well as 220v outlet.

Powering the Maxus G10 Assist is the same 1.9-liter turbo diesel CRDi engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

The Maxus G10 Assist is available in Silver, Gray, White, Gold, and Black.

Below are videos on how the Maxus G10 Assist moves.



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G10 Front angle low view
Maxus G10 ₱1.79 Million MA starts : ₱30,708
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