Ready for the big leagues: Maxus G50 1.5T Premium

Maxus G50

Just like what we have said before, AC Motors is betting big on its newly-brought Maxus G50 MPV.

The statement of Automobile Central Enterprise, Inc. (ACEI) President Felipe Estrella last August about the vehicle rallying the sales of the European-bred marque—plus the fact that it is the first vehicle launched digitally by the group—is not just positive reinforcement, but a declaration that the Maxus brand is set to compete with the big dogs, and not just those within the same engine displacement range.

Just for comparison, the Maxus G50 can be likened to an underrated college varsity player able to run with those in the professional league, shooting hoops in their faces, defending and swatting the ball like it was nothing.

But are they betting on a good pick? Or is this just full of air? Let’s see if the Maxus G50 1.5T Premium really can.

Maxus G50


Size-wise alone, you would see that the Maxus G50 1.5T Premium is literally on top of the situation. This vehicle stands 4,825 mm long, 1,825 mmm side and 1,778 mm high (1,800mm with roof rail).  

Almost sharing the height of the Innova, Maxus G50 1.5T Premium can run through low floodwaters.

MAxus G50


The Maxus G50 has a very imposing look on the outside, thanks to its humongous chrome grille, giving it more than just a dash of elegance. Also, another reason could be: it needs enough air for an equally enormous body. The design of the LED headlight complemented the full front fascia view.

While it is big and bulky, the Maxus G50 wears sweeping lines, showing its curves and muscles.

But what really makes this vehicle an attention-grabber on the road is its body color—because it’s not enough that you are big and tall to be noticed, you got to have the character to match too. The Roland Purple hue on the Maxus G50 1.5T Premium is like seeing prime Dennis Rodman: full of individuality under all that capability. Adding 17-dark alloy wheels gives it a more youthful vibe.

Maxus G50


Some might say that it is all skin-deep but can it bring in people? In a heartbeat, the Maxus G50 1.5T Premium can easily answer yes.

The stature can be compared with the top-dog Toyota Innova. Truly, the dimension provides room for eight adults (assuming that those at the back will be little ones). Also the 2,800-mm wheelbase gives sufficient legroom for middle-row occupants, giving them enough area to wiggle and stretch a bit on long drives.

Front passengers enjoy both power adjusted seats (six-way for the driver, four-way for the co-pilot). The second row has the option to slide the seats front and back and recline 60:40 with an easy entry function.

Maxus G50

When you need bigger space, the third seats can be folded flat—though the cargo hold allows huge hauls already when the seats in an upright position .

The moment you step inside the Maxus G50 1.5T Premium, you might think you're riding a sedan. The black/red leather seats with red stitch not just give it exclusivity compared to the lower trims but also a sporty ambiance.

Maxus G50


While it would be competing in the big league, winning could still depend on how you run the court.

One would be surprised as this big baby only has a 1.5 liter turbocharged gasoline engine, sharing it with the likes of the Suzuki Ertiga and Honda BR-V. On paper, the newly-brought Maxus G50 can bring more than 166 horses and a maximum 50 Nm pulling power.

Maxus G50

But don’t let the small engine fool you. Driving it on open EDSA road, it managed to sip only 9.7 kilometers per liter—with the seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission factoring in.

To add to this, the vehicle can be very agile, thanks to the light power steering.

Maxus G50


For its tech, it has definitely more than enough: wireless charging dock, panoramic sunroof, and automatic headlights which is only available on this variant, as well as the dual-zone air-conditioning system, auto-brake hold and the 12.3-inch infotainment system. While it displays a 360-degree camera view on the big screen, an upgrade on the cameras would do lots of wonders for the offering.

To add to that, it has front parking sensors, adding to the standard dual front airbags, immobilizer, rear parking sensors, and stability control.

MAxus G50


Pegged at P1.288 million, the Maxus G50 1.5T Premium is priced competitively, given that it has enough features to entice people with. And if you think that you can’t bet on a good player just because he should be in the little league, well, think again. After all, it has the wisdom of the Ayalas to prep it up so it would not take a long time before it locks horns with the prime players too.

Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV

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Maxus G50
₱948,000 - ₱1.338 Million Emi Starts : ₱16,263

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