Save up to PHP 350k on a New Subaru Now!

Save up to PHP 350k on a New Subaru Now!

To make way for the newest and latest models to come, authorized Subaru local distributor Motor Image Pilipinas is disposing many of its 2018 models at jaw-dropping prices, with discounts ranging in the six digits—from PHP 120,000 to PHP 350,000.

Subaru PH’s biggest discount offer to date runs until January 31, 2020, and includes the following models: 2018 Forester 2.0 XT, 2018 XV 2.0i, 2018 XV 2.0i-S ES, 2018 XV GT Edition, and 2018 Outback 3.6 R-S ES.

Yes, these are 2018 models, but that fact doesn’t make them any less of a Subaru vehicle, which are widely known for their innovative design and long-term reliability, not to mention they consistently rank among the safest cars on the road.

Buyers can get a PHP 120,000 discount on the 2018 XV GT Edition, a PHP 150,000 markdown on both the 2018 XV 2.0i and 2018 XV 2.0i-S ES, and a whopping PHP 350,000 price drop for both the 2018 2.0 Forester XT and 2018 Outback 3.6 R-S ES.

Here is the price list for the aforementioned vehicles as of January 2020, with information provided by Motor Image Pilipinas:

  • 2018 Forester 2.0 XT - PHP 2,048,000
  • 2018 XV 2.0i - PHP 1,418,000
  • 2018 XV 2.0i-S ES - PHP 1,668,000
  • 2018 XV GT Edition - PHP 1,768,000
  • 2018 Outback 3.6 R-S ES - PHP 2,408,000
Check out the breakdown below:

Aside from the lower prices, the vehicles will be covered by Subaru’s 5-year comprehensive warranty. That’s five years peace of mind on your vehicle purchase, ensuring you get all of your money’s worth.

What’s more, Subaru’s in-house financing lets you purchase a Subaru vehicle right then and there at the dealership. Plus, depending on the model, you even get to enjoy low to no down payment. How’s that for an enticing deal?

So what are you waiting for? Start the year with a new ride at a price that you can definitely afford. Visit a Subaru showroom near you today and inquire about this great saving opportunity!

Subaru XV

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