Scania unveils latest coach bus line to complement premier built body

Scania Touring

Scania is eyeing to be the top supplier of coach buses in the Philippines as it brings forth the new generation Touring to the local market.


  • Who is the Scania's body-building partner for the new Touring?

    The partner for the new body built for the Scania Touring is Del Monte Motor Works, Inc.
  • What is the major limitation in the partnership?

    The body build design developed under the partnership cannot be used for other brands.
  • The said offering, BJ Mercantile Inc.  said in a statement, has been developed to meet the demands of bus operators. The new generation Scania Touring is said to be energy-efficient, available in various powertrains, and fitted with the latest technology to ensure safety while cutting down emissions and noise.

    Bicol Isarog Penafrancia

    The firm also said that Scania Touring buses are equipped with the standard electronic stability program, speed limiter, traction control, two driving modes (economy and standard), and hill hold assist. Other functions such as adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, blind spot warning, electro-pneumatic parking brake, vulnerable road user collision warning and underrun protection can be added for more driver support.

    To further meet the needs of customers, the company furthered its partnership with Del Monte Motor Works, Inc. (DMMW) by releasing a locally-built body for its offerings. The product of the partnership will be handed over to Bicol Isarog Tranport System, Inc.

    Bicol Isarog

    “This provides operators, like Bicol Isarog, a myriad of options in terms of body configurations and choice of materials not to mention parts are readily available. But you can expect the same level of engineering excellence and riding comfort as with all Scania buses,” BJ Mercantile, Inc. Sales Manager Don Ramos was quoted as saying.

    To note, the collaboration with DMMW started in 2019 when Scania conducted a thorough inspection of its workshop and manufacturing process.

    Scania Touring

    BJ Mercantile also said that DMMW had to adhere to Scania’s body-building guidelines, with each step of the process being documented and all data are forwarded to Scania Headquarters in Sweden for monitoring. The firm also clarified that the design is patented for Scania and cannot be used for other brands.

    Customers then have a lot of choices in terms of interior design – from the audio-video set-up to interior lighting, all the way to seat options wherein they can choose to install regular bus seats, deluxe or the top-of-the-line lazy boy seats. They can add a bathroom especially for long-haul trips while some can opt to transform the bus into a mobile conference room or a mobile hospital.

    Bicol Isarog Penafrancia

    “Scania has been a part of our wish list being one of the best European brands known for its high quality, durability and safety features that is why we grabbed the opportunity to be the first to own the Scania Touring with a locally made body and we have 13 more buses for delivery next year. Another important factor is their very good after-sales support courtesy of the 24/7 workshop and guarantee of parts availability,” Bicol Isarog General Manager BJ Cu said.

    Bicol Isarog

    Further, Scania offers fleet management system (FMS) that gives operators more control over their units to boost operational economy and productivity. The said program promotes efficient and safe driving as the system monitors driving performance aside from vehicle data and fleet position.

    According to BJ Mercantile, the FMS can evaluate the factors that affect fuel consumption such as increased idling, harsh braking, acceleration and even fuel theft. It can detect mechanical and electrical errors and remotely informing Scania’s professional technicians the parts needed to bring for faster repair. It also can set regular preventive maintenance service.

    Photos from BJ Mercantile, Inc.

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