Signs Your Brakes Need to be Checked ASAP

brake rotor

Your car's brakes aren't something to mess around with. It's practically the thing that stands between you and getting your car smashed head-on with another vehicle. In severe cases, it's actually the one that stands between you getting another shot in life--or ending it way too prematurely.

Whatever the scenario is, your brakes are really serious business. And just like any car part, it's also not immune to those occasional wear-and-tear that all car parts succumb to every now and then. The difference with these other parts, however, is that if you don't pay attention to them, then it might mean gambling with your life--and other people's lives as well.

That's why it's important to make sure that your brakes are working properly. And you can do this by nipping potential problems right off the bud before they worsen over time.

Here are the things you need to watch out for:

Strange Sounds

There are two sounds you need to watch out for: the high-pitched sound whenever you press the brakes, or that grinding one you hear when metals rub against each other.

Generally, these sounds can possibly be telling you that your car's brake pad needs to be replaced. And hearing that awful-sounding metal grinding tells you that the brake pads have thinned out so much that you're now pressing against your car's metal rotors--which is a huge red flag.

Toxic Smell

This isn't an accurate guideline, since for all we know, it might be that half-masticated burger and fries you didn't throw out two months ago. Still, if there seems to be some form of a burnt, almost "chemical acid" type of smell coming from your tires, then it might mean your brakes are involved as well.

Hard Maneuvering

There's a problem if braking seems to be an ordeal for you. Working too hard--such as when you have to exert a lot of force on the pedal, or pressing it completely on the floor just to do its work--is not normal. It's also not something you should overlook, since it can involve either damaged pads, brake fluid leaks, worn-out rotors, or even contaminated brake fluid.


Vibrating pedals often mean that something's wrong with your brake rotors, or perhaps, your tires aren't working properly. Whatever the case, it's best to have them checked to make sure your brakes won't give out on you at the very first pothole it runs over.

Brake Warning Light System

When all else fails, then there's the Brake Warning Light Indicator. This one pretty much says it all, so you don't need to make any guesses whether the problem is with your brakes--or with something else. Have your brakes checked ASAP as soon as you see this.

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