Soon, Your Pizza Could Be Delivered to You by a Robot

Soon, Your Pizza Could Be Delivered to You by a Robot

Domino's, the largest pizza company in the world, has teamed up with self-driving delivery startup Nuro to launch a pilot for a pizza delivery service driven by autonomous technology in Houston, Texas.

The popular pizza chain revealed its plans for initial testing to begin in September or October in one of its Houston locations using Nuro’s driverless fleet of custom-built robot cars. Once testing commences, these robot fleets will then deliver Domino’s pizzas to select customers in the area who place their orders online.

The customers that Domino's will select for its test run will have the option to pick a robotic courier for their pizza delivery. Afterwards, the customer will receive a PIN code to unlock the pizza compartment on Nuro’s delivery vehicle and grab their order.


If the initial tests prove successful, Domino's plans to implement the service in more of its stores.

Nuro, which was founded by two former members of Google’s pioneering autonomous driving team, has been delivering groceries autonomously to residents in Arizona, and more recently, Houston. Should the partnership with Domino's fare well, Nuro will have better footing to expand to other markets.

While this doesn’t bode well for delivery boys, it could help ensure that your pizza always arrives on time.

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