Sound ideas: Upcoming BMW i7 to offer improved NVH


The BMW i7 is currently undergoing a diverse range of tests in BMW Group laboratories and test benches. According to the German automotive brand, its upcoming flagship electric sedan will deliver optimized noise insulation, aeroacoustics, and vibration comfort to ensure the best possible ride quality.


  • Where is BMW testing the i7?

    The BMW i7 is being tested at the BMW Group’s Research and Innovation Center in Munich.
  • What tests are being conducted in the Munich facility?

    The BMW i7 is currently being tested for noise insulation, aeroacoustics, and vibration comfort.
  • “One key factor here is the acoustic properties. The level of well-being in the interior of the purely electrically powered luxury sedan is largely determined by the degree to which disturbing noises can be kept away from the occupants. There are a variety of potential noise sources to be taken into account here, so near-production prototypes of the BMW i7 — and indeed all other model variants of the future BMW 7 Series — undergo an extensive program as part of their acoustic testing,” said the BMW Group in a recent press release.

    Prototypes are now being tested at the BMW Group’s Research and Innovation Center in Munich where test and development engineers check the full range of the vehicle’s acoustic aspects.


    The BMW i7’s electric drive units were optimized using a model-specific mount concept and a newly developed noise encapsulation for the electric motors. This results in improved acoustic comfort in all driving conditions.

    Engineers from BMW also increased the i7’s body rigidity at the front end and fitted the tires with a foam absorber for integrated noise insulation.

    In addition, the upcoming EV sedan was built with clear-cut body surfaces, flush-integrated door handles, aerodynamically optimized exterior mirrors, and an almost completely closed underbody for improved aeroacoustics.


    Noise coming from outside the luxury EV sedan is significantly reduced thanks to its highly effective, and also weight-optimized, sound insulation. Sound absorbers were incorporated in the pillar trim, seats, roof liner, and rear shelf of the BMW i7 to help shield the occupants from intrinsic outside noise.

    BMW also used comfort glazing to prevent unwelcome noise from entering through the window panes and fleece elements in the doors and on the sill and wheel arch trim to reduce rolling noise.

    A special audio effect developed in collaboration with German film score composer and record producer, Hans Zimmer, is also available just in case the cabin of the BMW i7 gets too silent.

    Photos from BMW Group

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