Stakeholders say smart urban mobility 'achievable' via public-private sector collaboration

MPTC dialogue

Stakeholders said that smart urban mobility can be achieved through a strong collaboration between the public and private sectors.


  • How did Management Association of the Philippines President Babes Singson see the smart urban mobility goal?

    Singson described the goal as an economic and social game-changer.
  • How should the collaboration be developed?

    According to ARUP Manila Transport Planning Lead Lize de Beer, the collaborative smart mobility strategies must be vision- and outcome-led.
  • Numerous personalities who attended the multi-stakeholder dialogue entitled “MoBUILDity: Synergized, Smart, and Sustainable” shared the same belief, saying that the aforementioned goal can be attained through strong cooperation from all concerned parties.

    Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) President Babes Singson said that the vision is both an economic and social game-changer.

    MPTC dialogue

    Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) National Quality and Competitiveness Chief Ma. Sheryl Santos noted the importance of public-private partnerships (PPP) in cultivating smart urban mobility. “If we’re measuring productivity, efficiency has to be there,” she said. “Meaning, one has to move from one place to another in less time, with less effort.”

    ARUP Manila Transport Planning Lead Lize de Beer emphasized that collaborative smart mobility strategies should be vision- and outcome-led. “It is important to embrace smart mobility and technology innovation, but only when it helps address specific economic, social, and environmental needs—not just tech for tech’s sake. Necessity breeds innovation.”

    MPTC dialogue

    For her part, Santa Rosa, Laguna Mayor Arlene Arcillas said that being a smart city is beyond technology. “It provides the best services in empowering the people. It is inclusive, equitable, and sustainable,” she noted.

    Meanwhile,  Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) President and Chief Executive Officer Rodrigo Franco said that the future of mobility is ACES, which stands for autonomous, connected, electric and shared. The acronym was coined by the Center for Automotive Research.

    MPTC dialogue

    MPTC expressed belief that with ACES put into play, the transport system will become socially inclusive, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and integrated that will give Filipinos the power of data in their hands and backed by a strategic and smart infrastructure network.

    “There is demand from the public for institutions to provide a better quality of life as they move about and around the metro. We institutions need to show that we care, and that we listen,” he said.

    Moreover, Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista shared the department’s commitment to elevate mobility in various sectors.

    “In this post-pandemic era, we are taking a sustained approach at promoting mobility for both ease of travel and efficient transport of goods. Transport projects that advocate mobility are not restricted to the road sector,” he said.

    The Department of Transportation’s current and upcoming programs include the Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program, road safety initiatives, development of new airports, railway projects to reduce travel time and traffic in the train stations, and the Pasig Ferry Service as an alternative mode of transportation traversing seven cities, among many others.

    Hosted by MPTC and its innovations arm MPT Mobility, the multi-stakeholder dialogue served as a platform for industry leaders to drive the country’s smart urban mobility forward. MPT Mobility was designed to improve the overall traveling experience of Filipinos through its tech-forward products and services.

    Photos from Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation

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