Strike 3: Oil prices up for third time in June

fuel pump

Oil companies are expected to raise the price of pump products tomorrow — the third time this month.

Based on their respective advisories, Petron, Caltex, and Cleanfuel announced that they will jack up the price of gasoline by ₱0.50 per liter, ₱0.40 per liter of diesel. The first two companies said that they will also increase the price of kerosene by ₱0.30 per liter.

fuel pump

Other firms are expected to implement similar adjustments.

Last week, fuel companies hiked the price of diesel by ₱0.55 per liter, kerosene by ₱0.60 per liter and gasoline by ₱0.20 per liter.

Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV

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