The pros and cons of the Isuzu Traviz


A few vehicles are as straightforward as the Isuzu Traviz. To start with, the Asian Utility Vehicle's (AUV) name already tells you what its made for. 

Traviz stands for transport, trading, transcend, and "biz," a snappier title for business. Isuzu said the Traviz combines the traits of all Isuzu vehicles, which include fuel efficiency, capacity, rigidity, as well as flexibility and stability of their pickups, during the AUV's 2019 launch. 

That also means the Traviz is aimed at food businesses, utility, cargo, and delivery purposes. 

Powering the truck is a 2.5-liter 4JA1 common rail direct inject BluePower engine that makes 77hp and 176Nm of torque, mated to a five-speed manual. The mill also powered the Crosswind AUV from yesteryear. 

Prices start at P962,000 for the short wheelbase Traviz S, while the longer wheelbase Traviz L goes for P992,000

What do you get in exchange? Let's look at this Isuzu's pros and con. 


1. Philippine-assembled

While the cab and chassis will be imported as semi-knocked down units from Indonesia, some of the Traviz's required parts will be installed at Isuzu Philippines Corporation's (IPC) Biñan, Laguna plant.

After that, they will then be transported to local South Luzon-based builders, KPC, Almazora, and Santa Rosa, for completion.

So, even before the AUV leaves the production line, it has already provided livelihood to Filipinos and contributed to the local economy. 

2. Versatile

On its chassis, a pickup bed, a passenger cabin, or an aluminum or refrigerated cargo hold can be fitted. All of these can make the Traviz into a dropside truck, a shuttle, or a delivery truck of goods. 


It has also served as an emergency response van in the Quezon Province.

3. High payload capacity

Isuzu said the Traviz can carry 1,660 kilograms worth of payload. That could be 1,660 kilograms of cement, passengers, or meat. The number is said to be the highest in the lightweight truck category.


4. Reliable

No expert is needed to tell you that Isuzu trucks are reliable, and the Traviz should carry its brand's hallmark. After all, the Crosswind has transported many students and the working class as UV Express shuttles around the metro. 

If the Traviz isn't dependable, then it wouldn't have achieved a total sales figure of 2,503 units (under the Category II Cab and Chassis segment) in 2020.

Because of that figure, it captured a 20 percent share on its first year in the market, and contributed to IPC's leading of all truck sales categories from January to December 2020.

Meanwhile, the three-year/100,000-kilometer (whichever comes first) warranty can make an entrepreneur feel assured in his or her Traviz ownership. 


5. Easy on the environment

Despite sharing an engine from an older model, the Traviz engine has been updated to make it comply with Euro 4 emissions standards. Euro 4 is a globally accepted standard for European emissions. 


1. Price

At P962,000 to P992,000, the Traviz is considerably more expensive than another cab and chassis AUV, the Mitsubishi L300 (P804,000). This could pose as an issue to a business that wants to lessen its expenses. 

The Traviz's stablemate, the D-Max, is also available as a cab and chassis model with a price tag of P857,000. 

Photos from Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC)

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