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Top 3 Most Fuel Efficient Suzuki Cars

Suzuki may not be as popular as Toyota and Honda when it comes to sales, but it still has enough clout to rank tenth in worldwide sales.

Starting as a loom company back in 1909, Suzuki became popular for its two-stroke engine motorcycles way back in 1954. It followed its success a year later with the Suzuki Suzulight, which was considered ahead of its time back then.


Today, Suzuki uses its expertise in making small, fuel-efficient engines for micro-to-compact cars on the road. Here are the top three that made it to the list:

3. Suzuki Ciaz GL MT Gasoline 1.4L FWD – ₱ 748,000

        Fuel Consumption: 27.94 km/l

Brown Suzuki Ciaz

Ciaz, which means City from A to Z, is a compact vehicle that “blends sportiness and a feeling of elegance” on the road. It’s almost like a mini executive sedan — with good quality interior features to enhance traveling comfort and convenience.

This car’s front exteriors are subdued and conservative. Nothing screams for attention here, and it remains unapologetic with it.

Don’t be deceived by its small stature, though — this car offers a spacious cabin and boot space compared to most competitors in its class. It’s also comfortable inside. The standard leather steering wheel and seats, together with its light and responsive steering, make driving bearable during traffic.

And you don’t have to worry about wasting a lot of gas here. This car offers good fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance.

The Ciaz also features on our Top 5 Suzuki Cars of 2017 list.

2. Suzuki Swift DZire LDI MT Diesel –  ₱ 579,000

      Fuel Consumption: 28.4 km/l

Silver Suzuki DZire

No, the DZire is not an all-girls band name. Still, we won’t be surprised if someone will sing praises for this vehicle’s impressive fuel efficiency on the road.

The Swift Dzire LDI is the the base diesel variant of Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire. It’s based on the Suzuki Swift, although DZire’s edge here is its more spacious rear legroom for passengers.

Before you get excited, remember that it’s just a base variant with a price tag of a little more than half a million pesos. So don’t expect this car to offer high-end features. Still, the DZire offers basic features for comfort, such as air conditioning, heater, cigarette lighter, tilt steering adjustment, front cup holders, steering adjustment, power outlets, and adjustable front headrests.

It also offers optional features like power door locks, engine immobilizers, child safety and power door locks, and headlamp beam adjuster for safety features if you choose go to go up the higher variants.

The 1.2L, 4-cylinder VVT engine offers quite a smooth and controlled ride for city driving. It’s a decent car that will take you from point A to point B without any problems. Just make sure you do it on the freeway — not on cross-country ones. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a bumpy ride.

1. Suzuki Celerio CVT  (29.14 km/l) – ₱538,000

     Fuel Consumption: 29.14 km/l

Blue Suzuki Celerio

Dubbed as the “Extra Large Small City Car”, the Suzuki Celerio’s small stature can be your saving grace if you’re looking for an affordable car that doesn’t mind getting gas-parched every now and then.

Affordable, easy-to-use, and quite fun to drive, the Suzuki Celerio is exceptionally fuel-efficient, thanks to its small and compact size. This car has a more mature design now, shedding all its fat and fluff out. What’s left here is a leaner, sober version that wants to be taken seriously on the road.

The Suzuki Celerio’s design philosophy extends to its interiors.  It’s first and foremost a practical car, putting in features that will be helpful for the everyday driver. There are two cupholders and three bottlehoders, an AM/FM radio, CD player, four speakers, USB socket, Bluetooth connectivity, and air conditioner. Safety features are simple for its basic variant: standard seatbelts, airbags, and the like.

It has a versatile carrying capacity 60:40 split fold, allowing you more room and better space to place all your luggage (compared to competitors in its class). The driver’s seat can be height-adjusted, and structured to have a good overall view of the road.

Celerio’s 1L, 3 Cylinder DOHC 12 V engine offers good steering and decent handling, with a much smoother drive when you take it out for a spin on the highway. However, it can be susceptible to body rolls if you press too hard on the accelerator, so don’t overdo it when taking a sharp turn around  a corner.

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