Toyota, Aeon Tohoku to launch mobile retail vehicle in Futaba, Namie


Toyota together with Aeon Tohoku, a Japanese retail company, has signed an agreement with the towns of Futaba and Namie in Japan to use a fuel cell-powered mobile retail vehicle and operate a mobile business in the said areas.


  • When will the four signatories commence the planned mobile retail business?

    According to Toyota, the agreement between the four parties will begin in June 10.
  • What will be Aeon's role in the agreement?

    Aeon will launch a mobile retail business in the towns of Futaba and Namie and will operate in the areas where there is a need for such service.
  • What will be the role of the two towns in the agreement?

    Per Toyota, the two towns will supply Toyota and Aeon with information regarding areas in which there is an acute need for shopping support.
  • The said agreement intends to stimulate reconstruction efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. To support the reconstruction of the Hamadori region of Fukushima Prefecture, Aeon Tohoku opened the Aeon Namie store in 2019.

    Toyota Japan

    Per the agreement, the automotive firm will supply the initiative with a fuel cell mobile retail vehicle. For Aeon Tohoku’s part, the retail company will launch a mobile retail business in areas in the towns of Futaba and Namie that have an acute need for shopping support. Meanwhile, the two towns will provide the two companies with information regarding areas in which there is an acute need for shopping support ― including the demand from residents for a mobile retail option, the location of existing stores in towns, and the living conditions of senior residents.

    “Toyota is working together with various partners, mainly in collaboration with Fukushima Prefecture ― including Namie Town, where the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field is located ― and is examining how hydrogen-based technologies can be implemented to help build cities of the future using hydrogen generated in Fukushima,” Toyota said in a press release.

    According to the Aichi-based automotive brand, the agreement will see the two companies involved support the residents of the abovementioned towns who might have difficulties in shopping for their everyday needs.


    “Centered around Aeon Namie Store, the business will seek to support local residents with shopping and aim to create a community that will foster peace of mind among both residents set to return home to the two towns and those who intend to relocate to those areas,” Toyota added.

    The initiative of the four involved parties will start on June 10.

    Photos from Toyota and Aeon

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