Toyota reveals April sales, production, export results


Toyota has revealed its sales, production, and export results for the month of April.


  • How many cars did Toyota sell in April?

    According to Toyota, the total sales for the month of April was 835,657 units.
  • How many vehicles did Toyota produce for the month of April?

    Toyota's total production for April was at 826,287 units.
  • How many units did Toyota export in April?

    Toyota exported a total of 173,203 units in April.
  • Toyota Japan

    According to the Japanese automotive brand, total sales for the month of April was 835,657 with 151,548 sold inside Japan (including mini vehicles) and about 684,109 sold outside of the Japanese domestic market.

    Out of the 835,657 vehicles sold, 763,708 were Toyota-branded models; 60,622 were Daihatsu vehicles; while 11,327 were from the Hino brand.

    Production-wise, Toyota recorded a total of 826,287 units produced worldwide. Out of the aforementioned figure, 333,427 were produced inside Japan while the remaining 492,860 were built outside of Japan.

    Out of the 826,287 total units produced, 692,259 were Toyota vehicles; 119,549 were Daihatsu models; and 14,479 were Hino-branded automobiles.

    For the month of April, Toyota exported a total of 173,203 units, of which 6,068 were Hino-branded vehicles.

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