Toyota bares March 2022 production plan


Toyota revealed its production plans for March 2022 in a recent press release. According to the Japanese carmaker, the global production target for next month is expected to be around 950,000 units.


  • How many units does Toyota plan to make in March 2022?

    Toyota plans to produce 950,000 units this March.
  • What Toyota facilities will be undergoing temporary production line suspensions next month?

    Toyota’s Miyata and Iwate plants will experience scheduled suspensions this March.
  • The aforementioned figure is a result of Toyota factoring in recovery from previous production cutbacks as well as the impact of semiconductor shortages.

    Toyota Japan

    Toyota plans to continue looking into the issue of the shortage of semiconductor-related parts by consulting with all companies involved in considering the use of substitutes, where possible, in anticipation of a continuing shortage. Toyota also said that it will continue to work with suppliers in strengthening the supply chain and make every effort to deliver vehicles to their customers as soon as possible.

    Toyota’s Miyata and Iwate Plant will experience scheduled suspensions this March due to the plan revisions. The suspension of the production lines in the abovementioned plants will affect the manufacturing of select Toyota and Lexus models.

    The automotive brand also thanked everyone who helped maintain their production despite the repeated adjustments they made to their production plans due to a shortage of parts because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Photo from Toyota

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