Toyota debuts production-model bZ4X in the US


Toyota’s highly-anticipated EV crossover made its US debut on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. The all-electric bZ4X was officially introduced into the American automotive market through an event in Encinitas, California.


  • How far can the bZ4X go in a single charge?

    Toyota says that the bZ4X offers a 250-mile range (for XLE FWD models).
  • When will the bZ4X be on sale?

    The bZ4X will go on sale in the US in mid-2022.
  • How many variants will it have?

    Toyota confirms that the bZ4X now has two variants: an all-wheel-drive and a front-wheel-drive.
  • Although some of the bZ4X’s details were revealed at an earlier press release, Toyota now confirms the medium SUV-type BEV’s manufacturer-estimated range.

    Toyota says that the 355-volt high-capacity lithium-Ion battery pack can provide up to 250 miles on a single charge (for XLE FWD models).

    The bZ4X will also be compatible with high-output chargers worldwide and will be capable of charging the battery up to 80 percent in just one hour.


    In addition, Toyota added many measures to help ensure cell integrity is protected. A non-conductive coolant runs through separated flow channels to maintain optimal battery temperature. The battery pack housing is designed to withstand a collision from any angle due to its frame and cross-bracing design.

    This should allow Toyota to reach its target of providing bZ4X owners an average of 90 percent battery capacity retention even after 10 years of ownership.

    Toyota also adds that the bZ4X will be equipped with either a Drive Connect trial or subscription. This will allow the Subaru Solterra’s twin to offer navigation that uses map information from the cloud to obtain traffic information and parking space availability in real-time.


    Drive Connect also adds a digital key that allows owners the ability to lock, unlock, and start the vehicle with a tap of a smartphone as well as BEV specialized services such as charging station info, driving support info, and vehicle driving range.

    According to Toyota, the bZ4X represents the first of a global series of battery-electric vehicles to be introduced under the global “Toyota bZ” brand umbrella.

    “With zero emissions and an exhilarating drive, the bZ4X is hitting the market at just the right time as we expand our already comprehensive electrified product lineup. As a human-centered company, Toyota remains committed to offering customers a diverse portfolio of products to meet their individual needs and move us toward a carbon-neutral future,” said Toyota Marketing Vice President Mike Tripp.

    The bZ4X adds to the extensive lineup of electrified offerings from Toyota. The Japanese automotive brand says that their electrified vehicles account for more than 24 percent of the brand’s total sales volume in the United States which include hydrogen fuel cell electrics, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and battery electric vehicles.

    Toyota plans to expand to around 70 electrified models globally by 2025. This future lineup will feature 15 dedicated BEVs, including seven carrying the bZ (Beyond Zero) brand moniker.

    The bZ4X will go on sale in the US in mid-2022 and will be offered in all-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive models. Prices are yet to be announced.

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