Toyota touts US-market Grand Highlander with ‘adult-friendly’ 3rd-row seats

toyota grand highlander

Toyota announced that the third-row seats of the United States-market Grand Highlander will be adult-friendly.


  • When will the US-market Grand Highlander make its debut?

    The US-market Grand Highlander will make its debut next week.
  • What are the marketed advantages of the US-market Grand Highlander?

    Per Toyota, advantages of the US-market Grand Highlander include a spacious third-row with ample legroom for adults and children.
  • Those who have owned or have been inside a sport utility vehicle (SUV) would know that the third row is usually cramped with very little room to play with. Typically, kids — or one’s small-statured nephews — are the ones riding at the back due to the limited space offered by the third row of most SUV models.

    Toyota Japan

    Making its debut next week, the first-ever 2024 Grand Highlander is said to have room not just for kids — but even for those who are kids at heart.

    “A unique SUV with room for all and the ‘stuff’ we need, Grand Highlander is the active family cruiser fit for everything from short excursions to cross-country adventures. With a spacious third row with ample legroom for adults and children coupled with enough cargo space to fit seven pieces of luggage in the back — the freshly designed, three-row SUV is fully functional for the road ahead,” Toyota said in a press release.

    Photos from Toyota

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