Warning: Your Car Insurance Might Not Cover These Aftermarket Parts

Warning: Your Car Insurance Might Not Cover These Aftermarket Parts

Nothing makes drivers feel more secure than knowing they can depend on their car insurance when things get a bit messy and out of control. But that doesn't mean they'll stay behind you always. In fact, many will even disappoint you because they won't cover certain parts of your car that got damaged during an accident. If that's the case, then you might as well throw your savings away.

Keep in mind that there are certain parts that many car insurance companies don't cover. Some do, however, so it's important to do your research and ask around first.  Whatever the case, don't be surprised if your car insurance will not pay for the following:

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic what--?! Yes, we know. It's a scary term, to say the least. It's a word you'd expect a part Physicist, part Electrician, part NASA Scientist, and Hans Solo would use, so we understand why it warrants such trepidation.

Still, that's not the reason why many insurance providers don't cover them. The reason? They are difficult to install. What's more, the replacement parts aren't as durable as the original ones as well.


Alternators are something to be taken seriously, since your car inevitably won't run if they get damaged in the first place. That's why car insurance providers avoid covering it--many are unreliable, especially when they're not original replacements.


Radiators come in many shapes and sizes. Make sure that the one you have is what your insurance provider covers in the first place.

Here's why: some insurers would only cover aluminum, crossflow radiators; others only prefer the copper downflow radiators. Meanwhile, there are those that accept a mixture of these features. Really--it all depends on your car insurance provider. So don't forget to ask them first.

Fuel Pump

This is not a strict rule, though. There are quite a number of providers that cover them, although you do need to ask around first.

Fuel pumps, like alternators, are extremely important to a vehicle. Try damaging it and see if your car will move--let alone budge an inch from where it's parked. The reason why it's not always covered is because it's not easy to replace. And really, replacing it with something of lesser quality is like driving without a steering wheel. Not fun, really.

So there you have it: aftermarket parts that may not be covered by your vehicle insurance provider. Remember that the best way to prevent this from happening is to first ask your insurer if they cover all these aftermarket parts in their terms and conditions. Don't just sign the contract--read and ask questions. Not only will this save you a lot of money in repairs, but it will also save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

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